Coldest Cities in Thailand Coldest Cities in Thailand

+8 of the Coldest Cities in Thailand

In the beautiful country of Thailand, where hot tropical weather is the rule, a few towns shock everyone with their noticeably cooler weather.

Those looking for a change of pace from Thailand’s usual tropical climate might find it in these coolest cities.

These one-of-a-kind places provide a refreshing escape from the heat when the weather cools down, and the speed of life also slows down.

Come along as we explore the most secluded parts of Thailand, where you can relax in the shade of misty mountains and enjoy a pleasant change of pace from the usual tropical climate.

So, if you travel to Thailand and love the cold weather, be with us to discover the “What are the coldest cities in Thailand?”

Top Coldest Cities in Thailand

Despite Thailand’s tropical reputation and the lack of a metropolis with frigid temperatures on par with those in other nations, several parts of the country get somewhat lower temperatures than the average.

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To continue, let’s go to be familiar with the coldest cities in Thailand that are interesting places in this country:

1.     Sakon Nakhon

Coldest City in Thailand - Sakon Nakhon
Coldest City in Thailand – Sakon Nakhon

Sakon Nakhon is known for its milder temperature than the rest of Thailand because of its location in the country’s northeast, which is why it is one of the coolest climates in Thai Cities in Thailand.

While it’s not the coldest city, the weather is noticeably gentler, particularly in the fall and winter.

People looking for a break from the usual tropical heat in Thailand often go to Sakon Nakhon for its pleasant temperature, which results from the city’s elevation and position.

In this region of the nation, tourists can take a break from the heat and humidity while discovering the cultural allure of the city.

2.   Chiang Rai

Coldest City in Thailand - Chiang Rai
Coldest City in Thailand – Chiang Rai

In the far north of Thailand, in a region that seldom experiences rain, you’ll find the pleasant city of Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai isn’t the coldest city in Thailand but is consideredthe low-temperature city in Thailand, although it gets rather chilly, especially in the winter.

The gorgeous alpine surroundings and the city’s higher elevation provide a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Chiang Rai is a popular getaway for those looking to escape the heat because of its pleasant temperature and fascinating mix of cultural attractions.

This place, located in central Northern Thailand, is an attractive tourist destination because of its charming temples, lively marketplaces, and the additional comfort provided by the milder winds.

3.   Khao Kho

Coldest City in Thailand - Khao Kho
Coldest City in Thailand – Khao Kho

Khao Kho is a popular tourist destination in Thailand due to its comparatively milder temperature and picturesque surroundings.

Khao Kho may not be the coldest city in the world, but its vantage point in the Phetchabun mountains makes it seem that way and shows as the mild weather cities in Thailand.

The city is a popular getaway for those looking to escape the usual tropical heat of the nation due to its relatively low temperatures, particularly during the colder months.

Visitors to Khao Kho can savor the bright landscapes, breathtaking mountain vistas, and delightful combination of fresh breezes and natural beauty that define this delightful part of Thailand.

4.   Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son
Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son, a city in northern Thailand known for its hilly topography and famously low weather, is often considered one of the coldest in Thailand.

Its higher position makes for a cooler, more refreshing environment than the tropical warmth usually associated with Thailand, even if it isn’t the coldest officially.

Experience the perfect combination of cultural richness and delightfully mild atmosphere in Mae Hong Son, thanks to its moderate temperature, especially during winter.

As one wanders around this picture-perfect Thai city’s tranquil temples and verdant surroundings, the refreshing mountain air further enhances the experience.

5.   Wang Nam Khiao

Wang Nam Khiao
Wang Nam Khiao

Wang Nam Khiao, tucked away in northeastern Thailand, is a popular location known for its comparatively mild weather.

The city of Wang Nam Khiao in Nakhon Ratchasima province maybe is not the coldest in Thailand, but its hilltop setting makes it seem that way.

People looking for a break from the usual tropical heat of Thailand flock to the city during the colder months because of its pleasant weather.

In this attractive region of Thailand, the other coldest in Thailand, Wang Nam Khiao, offers visitors verdant landscapes, beautiful mountains, and a pleasant mix of mild winds that create an atmosphere of tranquility and renewal.

6.   Lampang

Lampang - coldest cities in Thailand
Lampang – coldest cities in Thailand

Visitors looking for an escape from Thailand’s usual tropical heat often go to Lampang, a northern portion of the country known for its milder environment and the sixth coldest city in Thailand.

This city’s elevated position and verdant surroundings make for a far more pleasant and mild climate.

The city’s chilly climate, particularly in the winter, is a welcome change from the tropical heat of the rest of Thailand.

Guests of this picturesque northern city may enjoy the fresh air while learning about Lampang’s rich history and seeing its traditional temples and other cultural landmarks.

7.   Khao Yai

Khao Yai - coldest cities in Thailand
Khao Yai – coldest cities in Thailand

The cold and pleasant climate of Khao Yai, which lies in the Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima, is well-known.

Despite not being the coldest city in Thailand, Khao Yai’s steep terrain and proximity to Khao Yai National Park provide an inviting and tranquil atmosphere.

It is a popular destination for nature lovers and those looking to escape the tropical heat of Thailand due to the city’s relatively mild temperatures, especially during the winter months.

Khao Yai is a beautiful national park in Thailand where visitors may enjoy fresh breezes while exploring verdant landscapes lined with waterfalls, animals, and picturesque views.

8.   Pai

Pai - coldest cities in Thailand
Pai – coldest cities in Thailand

Pai, a mountain town in northern Thailand, is known for its mild weather and is often considered one of the country’s most chilly tourist spots.

Pai, the coldest city in Thailand, is attracting tourists with its laid-back character and gorgeous natural surroundings; the city’s chilly temps provide a welcome escape from the regular tropical warmth of Thailand.

The gorgeous Thai town of Pai is even more charming when accompanied by the refreshing mountain air, which visitors may enjoy while discovering the local culture, hot springs, and waterfalls.


Ultimately, while Thailand is famous for its tropical weather, a few places stick out due to their noticeably lower temperatures, providing a welcome change from the country’s usual humidity.

Many popular destinations in Thailand provide a delightful combination of cultural richness with a colder atmosphere, especially during the winter months.

These places are Chiang Mai, Khao Kho, and Mae Hong Son. The cities in Thailand may not be very cold compared to other parts of the world, but their milder weather has a unique charm that complements the country’s varied landscapes and is a great relief from the tropical heat.

Whether you’re interested in experiencing the country’s magnificent landscapes or learning about its rich cultural legacy, these lively cities add to Thailand’s charm.

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