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Unveiling the Best Airlines in Thailand

The air travel experience in Thailand can be greatly improved by choosing the right carrier. Different Thai airlines stand out in the aviation industry for different reasons, such as the quality of their services, the number of routes they serve, the prices they charge, and the level of luxury they provide.

Every kind of tourist can find an affordable alternative among Thailand’s many airlines, from full-service giants like Thai Airways (renowned for its first-rate in-flight entertainment and service) to budget-friendly carriers like Thai AirAsia and Thai Lion Air.

In this article , we will be familiar with the best airlines in Thailand and decide which is the most popular.

Top Airlines in Thailand

As of 2024, the finest airlines in Thailand for travel include a combination of full-service and low-cost carriers that provide various services and pricing within their respective categories.

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To continue, we will talk about the best airlines in Thailand and invite you to follow us up to the end if you are one of those who want to travel to this country:

1.    Thai Smile

Thai Smile - Best Airlines in Thailand
Thai Smile – Best Airlines in Thailand

Among Thailand’s top airlines, Thai Smile stands out for its affordability without sacrificing comfort. Thai Smile carries on the trusted and high-quality aviation service of its parent company, Thai Airways.

Its distinctive strategy combines the cheap fares of a low-cost airline with the premium services seen on more costly flights, making it the best choice.

You can choose your seats up to 90 days before your flight, and there are free snacks and beverages for passengers. Plus, there’s a substantial baggage allowance.

Because of these qualities and its large network of domestic routes, Thai Smile is the best option for budget-conscious passengers who want a nice flight inside Thailand.

2.    Nok Air

 Nok Air - Best Airlines in Thailand
Nok Air – Best Airlines in Thailand

Nok Air is already widely recognized as one of the best airlines in Thailand, especially among customers looking for a good balance between price and reliability.

With its eye-catching bright yellow livery, this airline has established itself as a leading budget airline in Thailand, providing affordable rates without sacrificing service quality.

Nok Air is well-known for its extensive domestic route network, which allows passengers easy access to many places in Thailand. Travelers looking to explore the Thai islands can’t go wrong with Nok Air, thanks to its creative packages that frequently include air travel, bus, and boat services. The airline has gained a stellar reputation among Thai and foreign visitors for its dedication to timely service, client happiness, and an easy-to-use booking system.

3.    Thai Vietjet

Thai Vietjet - Airline in Thailand
Thai Vietjet – Airline in Thailand

As one of the greatest airlines in Thailand, particularly for passengers on a tight budget, Thai Vietjet Air has left a lasting impression on the Thai aviation scene.

With some of Thailand’s best domestic ticket deals, this Vietnamese airline has quickly grown its regional footprint.

Even though Thai Vietjet Air has a reputation for being less timely than its rivals, it is still a popular option due to its unmatched pricing and increasing network of domestic and regional destinations.

The airline is great for budget-conscious tourists who want to see more of Thailand and its neighbors. The success and expansion of Thai Vietjet Air can be attributed to its strategic pricing and route expansion, which appeal to a wide variety of customers.

4.    Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways - Top  Airline in Thailand
Bangkok Airways – Top Airline in Thailand

Bangkok Airways had solidified its position as a leading Thai airline, earning the nickname “Asia’s Boutique Airline.” This recognition results from their commitment to providing a high-end, individualized flight experience.

Guests of Bangkok Airways, a Thai airline known for its first-rate service, have access to a private lounge at several Thai airports, where they can relax with free food, beverages, and Internet.

The airline is dedicated to its passengers’ comfort and attention to detail in its onboard services and hospitality.

One of Thailand’s most popular island locations is Koh Samui, and Bangkok Airways owns the airport, so passengers have direct access to it.

Bangkok Airways is the go-to option for those wanting an exclusive and luxurious air travel experience in Thailand and some regional locations.

5.    Kan Air

kan air - Top  Airline in Thailand
kan air – Top Airline in Thailand

Kan Air, a Thai best and local airline, is known for its northern Thailand flights.

This airline operates regular and chartered flights to Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, Mae Sot, Nan, Pai, Phitsanulok, and Khon Kaen from Chiang Mai. The airline operates a Cessna Grand Caravan 208B, offering a unique flying experience.

Kan Air offers affordable round-trip flights from Chiang Mai to numerous locations. The airline’s strategy to link less-traveled northern Thai locations like Nan, noted for its cultural and architectural importance, and Phitsanulok, a gateway to ancient northern towns, appeals to passengers seeking genuine Thai experiences. The airline flies to sophisticated hubs, including Khon Kaen and Hua Hin.

Kan Air has expanded its services and improved its operations despite its lower size than bigger Thai airlines. According to reports, the airline planned fleet growth and infrastructure improvements, including a Koh Phangan airport.

As with many airlines, operational issues have arisen. Flight cancellations and delays should be considered when booking with Kan Air.

Kan Air provides a unique flying experience in Thailand, particularly for tourists exploring the north and lesser-known regions. Its dedication to these distinct places and low prices makes it a standout for internal travel in Thailand.

6.    Thai Lion Air

Thai Lion Air
Thai Lion Air

Known for its affordable fares and high-quality service, Thai Lion Air has become a notable Thai airline in Thailand. With a vast local and international flight network, Thai Lion Air has increased its presence in Thai aviation as a subsidiary of Lion Air, an Indonesian airline.

The airline is particularly beloved among budget-conscious passengers because of its inexpensive tickets that don’t skimp on luxury or efficiency.

Thai Lion Air is well-known for its contemporary team, which allows for a dependable and pleasant flight background accompanied by courteous service and timeliness.

More and more Thais are choosing Thai Lion Air as their airline of choice because of its dedication to economical travel, extensive route network, and stellar safety record.

7.    AirAsia

AirAsia - Best Airlines in Thailand
AirAsia – Best Airlines in Thailand

AirAsia has become the go-to Thai airline with its extensive route network and famously low fares. Regarding internal flights inside Thailand and Southeast Asia, low-cost AirAsia is among the most budget-friendly alternatives.

Because of the cheap prices and excellent service, it attracts a large customer base and makes air travel more accessible and pleasant for everyone.

AirAsia is well-liked among frugal travelers because of its convenient booking system and regular promotions. The airline prioritizes being on time and efficiently, guaranteeing a dependable travel experience.

Many people still choose AirAsia for affordable and high-quality domestic and international flights in Thailand because of its contemporary fleet and dedication to customer satisfaction.


Finally, any passenger can pick a trip that fits their demands thanks to the varied choice of carriers in Thailand’s aviation business.

Numerous alternatives are available for the best Thailand airlines, ranging from full-service carriers like Thai Airways, renowned for their large network and opulent facilities, to budget-friendly options like Thai AirAsia and Thai Lion Air, which provide dependable services at low prices. With its unique boutique experience, Bangkok Airways stands out.

Guests get special lounge access and customized services. A subsidiary of Thai Airways, Thai Smile offers domestic flights that are both affordable and comfortable.

Also, Thai Vietjet Air and Nok Air have distinct advantages

 for those looking for more affordable choices.

Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or adventure, you can choose an airline that suits your demands, thanks to Thailand’s top and best airlines.

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Are you familiar with the airlines from Thailand? Based on your suggestions, which one do you think is superior?

In addition to the ones we listed, are there any additional best Thai airlines?

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