Coldest Cities in Brazil Coldest Cities in Brazil

7 of the Coldest Cities in Brazil

Despite Brazil’s tropical heat, verdant rainforests, and lively cultural events, the nation has a remarkable range of temperate zones.

Brazilians usually picture hot beaches and the Amazon when they hear “Brazil,” but the nation has many landmasses, including places with far lower temperatures.

These coldest towns, mainly in Brazil’s southern regions, show the country’s complex natural tapestry by challenging the stereotyped Brazilian warmth with their distinct weather circumstances.

Understanding the elements that cause the metropolitan areas of Brazil to be calmer and delving into the unique culture and way of life that flourish in these unusual places are the goals of this article.

So, if you are interested in traveling to this country, we invite you to be with us and discover “What are the coldest cities in Brazil?”

Top coldest cities in Brazil

Even though Brazil is primarily renowned for its hot weather, a few places in the subtropical south are chilly.

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The coldest towns in Brazil have lower temperatures and their own distinct culture, food, and way of life that has adapted to the colder environment.

A list of the top Brazilian cities with the lowest average temperatures is as follows:

1.   São Joaquim

coldest city in brazil - São Joaquim
coldest city in brazil – São Joaquim

Despite Brazil being known for its tropical warmth, São Joaquim, located in the Santa Catarina highlands, is often praised as the coldest city in Brazil. São Joaquim starkly contrasts Brazil’s usual climatic story with its infamously cold winters and rare snowfalls.

Attracting sightseers searching for the chilly allure of Brazilian winters, this gorgeous city is covered in snow throughout the winter, turning into a winter wonderland with its rolling apple orchards and vineyards.

São Joaquim is an intriguing place for people who want to see a distinct side of Brazilian life because of the chilly temperature, which significantly affects the local way of life, food, and culture.

Showcasing the unusual combination of traditions that flourish in this chilly Brazilian setting are the city’s vineyards, which produce superb wines, and the annual National Apple Festival, which celebrates the local produce and culture.

2.   Lages, Santa Catarina

coldest city in brazil -Lages, Santa Catarina
coldest city in brazil -Lages, Santa Catarina

Lages, a city in Santa Catarina’s mountainous area, is often listed as one of Brazil’s coldest places because of its chilly weather, starkly contrasting the nation’s usual tropical warmth.

The city, known as the “Capital of the Plateaus,” is surrounded by beautiful valleys and hills that provide a gorgeous background to the lower weather.

Lages is a center for cattle ranching and traditional gaucho culture, and the city’s environment dramatically influences its agricultural techniques and cultural activities.

The city becomes a haven for visitors in search of the cool, crisp air of the Brazilian highlands during the cold winters, which also shape the lives of the locals.

Festivals such as the Festa Nacional do Pinhão showcase the distinct culture and food of the area, luring tourists to discover the allure of this less hot side of Brazil.

3.   Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul

coldest city in brazil -Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul
coldest city in brazil -Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul

One of Brazil’s coldest towns, Gramado is a charming retreat from the country’s typical warmth; it’s located in the hilly area of Rio Grande do Sul.

The picturesque town’s chilly weather complements its alpine architecture and European-style boulevards. During the world-famous “Natal Luz” or “Christmas of Light” festival, Gramado becomes a glittering extravaganza of lights and decorations, creating a joyous winter ambiance.

The cooler weather creates a unique cultural atmosphere, reflected in the city’s diverse food scene, showcasing European winter traditions like fondue and chocolate.

Gramado is an enchanting refuge for those searching for calm in Brazil’s milder temperatures. It combines beautiful landscapes and cultural riches, such as its hydrangea-lined avenues and verdant valleys.

4.   São Mateus do Sul

coldest city in brazil -São Mateus do Sul
coldest city in brazil – São Mateus do Sul

São Mateus do Sul in Paraná is known for having a milder temperature than the rest of Brazil. It is the other coldest town in Brazil, setting it apart from the country’s primarily tropical atmosphere.

Encircled by undulating hills and vast yerba mate plantations, which flourish in its milder climate, this culturally diverse city is a melting pot of Polish and Ukrainian traditions.

The native food, customs, and way of life are all shaped by the chilly air, which gives the city its own unique identity.

During its annual festivities, São Mateus do Sul proudly showcases its cultural tapestry, honoring the city’s past and the agricultural wealth that the climate encourages.

The city provides a peaceful getaway and a rare look into a culturally diverse and climatically distinctive part of Brazil, thanks to its calm atmosphere and milder temperatures.

5.   Urubici, Santa Catarina

Urubici, Santa Catarina - coldest city in brazil
Urubici, Santa Catarina – coldest city in brazil

As one of Brazil’s supposedly coldest places, Urubici is located in the beautiful Santa Catarina highlands and is known for its unique culture, starkly contrasting to the rest of the country’s tropical warmth.

Immersed in a refreshing atmosphere, this serene town is known for its magnificent natural attractions, such as the Morro da Igreja—the highest inhabited point in southern Brazil—and the Avencal Waterfall, sure to entice adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

For those searching for peace in colder regions, Urubici becomes a sanctuary during its chilly winters, often capped with snow and providing an almost mystical environment.

If you’re looking for a tranquil, more relaxed side of Brazilian living, you should check out Urubici. The city’s one-of-a-kind weather does more than just bring out the beauty of its surroundings; it also shapes the local culture, food, and farming methods.

6.   Campos do Jordão, São Paulo

Campos do Jordão, São Paulo
Campos do Jordão, São Paulo

In the sixth part, we will discuss the other coldest town in Brazil, Campos do Jordão, in the hilly section of São Paulo state. It is sometimes referred to as the “Brazilian Switzerland” and is noted for its elevation.

Unlike the rest of the nation, which is characterized by a tropical environment, this picturesque city has an alpine atmosphere thanks to its meandering lanes adorned with cafés and chocolate stores in a European manner.

During the winter months, Campos do Jordão is known for hosting the Winter Festival, which features a variety of classical music performances and is accompanied by the refreshing, crisp air.

Not only does the city’s temperate weather shape its distinctive gastronomic and cultural scene, but it also makes it a popular getaway for those looking to escape the heat and relax in the serenity of its beautiful environs.

Campos do Jordão is an enthralling destination amid Brazil’s varied climate because it combines cultural richness, natural beauty, and its position as a cool-weather sanctuary.

7.   Vacaria, Rio Grande do Sul

Vacaria, Rio Grande do Sul - coldest cities in brazil
Vacaria, Rio Grande do Sul – coldest cities in brazil

Victoria, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, is one of the oldest cities in Brazil, providing a striking contrast to the usually warm weather in this country.

A major agricultural center, Vacaria is famous for its excellent soil and refreshingly cold air; the town is particularly well-known for its apple orchards, which thrive in the mild climate. This picturesque city showcases its agricultural skills and rustic beauty during the National Apple Festival, a community gathering that draws people together to commemorate the local products. The mild climate of Vacaria is ideal for orchards and profoundly impacts local culture and everyday life.

It’s also a great place to go if you’re seeking a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of Brazil. Vacaria stands out among the several climate zones in Brazil due to its fertile agricultural land, rich cultural history, and relatively mild year-round temperature.


Brazil is famous for its tropical rainforests and sunny beaches, yet it has various temperature zones, including chilly ones that defy its warm image.

Due to their warmer weather, cities like São Joaquim, Urubici, Campos do Jordão, and Vacaria have unique cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. These areas’ winters, agricultural traditions, and festivals provide a distinct perspective on Brazilian culture.

Brazil has surprising variances and distinct experiences, with the coldest cities in the Santa Catarina highlands and Rio Grande do Sul hills.

Brazil’s culture and nature reflect this variety. The cold weather, cultural activities, and breathtaking scenery of these cooler Brazilian towns provide a pleasant break and a unique perspective on Brazil’s vast and fascinating geography.

So, we are at the end of the article, and it is your turn to share your ideas. If you have experience being in Brazil or have data about this country, tell us, “What are the coldest cities in Brazil?”

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