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Where Are the Coldest Places in Turkey?

Although Turkey is renowned for its inviting warmth and sun-soaked destinations, it also boasts locales that embrace the chillier side of nature.

Just as the country offers diverse, warm retreats, its colder regions hold unique charm and allure.

From frosty mountainous landscapes to serene icy expanses, Turkey’s coldest places invite you to experience different beauty.

In this article, we plan to uncover the coldest places in Turkey, where you can immerse yourself in the crisp air and embrace the tranquil cold.

So bundle up as we explore these chilly Turkish destinations and embrace the invigorating atmosphere they offer.

So let’s see, where are the coldest places in Turkey?

Top 10 coldest places in Turkey

Before we begin to explore the frigid beauty of Turkey’s coldest spots, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diverse tapestry of this remarkable country’s climate.

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While the warm destinations entice with their pleasant rays, these colder regions beckon with their crisp allure and breathtaking vistas.

Much like exploring the warmest spots, understanding these colder realms is crucial for creating an unforgettable travel experience.

So, let’s now turn our attention to the top 10 coldest destinations in Turkey:

1.   Kars

Coldest Place in Turkey - Kars
Coldest Place in Turkey – Kars

Tucked away in Turkey’s northeast corner, Kars proudly wears winter’s white coat. This place is one of the coldest in Turkey.

This town’s story is woven into the snow-draped streets, a blend of Ottoman and Russian touches telling tales of days gone by.

The thermometer might flirt with freezing, but the hearty local cuisine and bustling bazaars chase away any winter blues.

The ancient Ani ruins, now dusted with snow, whisper stories of centuries past. Kars is a frosty haven where history and warm welcomes embrace against the backdrop of the cold.

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2.   Erzurum

Coldest Place in Turkey - Erzurum
Coldest Place in Turkey – Erzurum

Erzurum stands like a guardian of winter’s domain on Turkey’s eastern plateau. Its formidable citadel stands strong against the chill, symbolizing this city’s place among Turkey’s chilliest corners.

Palandöken Mountain draws winter sports lovers with its snowy slopes, while the Cifte Minareli Medrese showcases a piece of the past.

Locals gather at tea houses when temperatures dip, swapping tales over steaming glasses.

Erzurum’s cold wraps you in a crisp embrace, urging you to explore its icy beauty.

3.   Ardahan


Nestled near Turkey’s Georgian border, Ardahan offers a taste of tranquil solitude and is one of the coldest places in Turkey.

Winter drapes the land in a silent serenity, and the cold is a steadfast companion. Vast landscapes stretch to the horizon, with Lake Çıldır’s icy beauty stealing the show.

Ardahan’s quiet is interrupted only by the soft jingle of cowbells as shepherds guide their flocks.

Though the cold nips at your cheeks, the untouched wilderness and warm hospitality weave a connection to nature’s raw essence.

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4.   Ağrı

Coldest Place in Turkey - Ağrı
Coldest Place in Turkey – Ağrı

Mount Ağrı, also known as Mount Ararat, proudly stands as Turkey’s tallest peak and one of the coldest spots in Turkey.

Its snow-covered summit beckons adventurers and climbers eager to conquer its frozen heights.

The surroundings carry an air of mystery tied to the legend of Noah’s Ark Ağrı’s cold poses a challenge, a reminder of nature’s grandeur and supremacy.

Despite the icy grip, the mountain’s allure lures those searching for physical and spiritual trials amid an awe-inspiring landscape.

5.   Sarıkamış


Sarıkamış, the other coldest place in Turkey, snug in the arms of Kars province, transforms into a snowy wonderland when winter comes knocking.

Sarıkamış Ski Resort lures snow lovers with its pristine slopes, while the pine-clad forests set the scene for invigorating winter hikes.

Yet, Sarıkamış carries a poignant history – the 1915 Battle of Sarıkamış, where Ottoman soldiers confronted winter’s harshness during World War I.

Now, the town is a tribute to their courage, where the cold whispers tales of remembrance and revival.

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Muş, a city in eastern Turkey that is the coldest one, gracefully accepts the influence of winter. This town’s streets adorned in snow tell a tale of resilience through the cold.

Life slows as temperatures drop, inviting locals to gather at tea houses for shared warmth and stories.

The Ulu Mosque’s minaret pointing towards the sky symbolizes Muş’s enduring spirit.

Despite the chill, Muş’s charm radiates, a reminder that even amidst winter’s chill, the heartwarming connections and simple pleasures endure.

7.   Bitlis


Perched by the tranquil waters of Lake Van, Bitlis stands as a guardian of winter’s magic and one of Turkey’s coldest places.

Snow blankets the town, adding a touch of enchantment to its historic architecture. The Bitlis Castle, a weathered testament to time, gazes over the snowy landscape.

As the cold sets in, locals gather around hearths, their laughter mingling with the warmth of conversation.

Bitlis, where the chill of winter is a backdrop to a story of tradition and community, invites you to discover its hidden warmth beneath the frosty surface.

8. Van

Coldest Place in Turkey - Van
Coldest Place in Turkey – Van

The eighth coldest place in Turkey, called Van, cradled by the colossal Lake Van, finds harmony with winter’s chill.

The ancient Akdamar Island Church, nestled amidst the lake’s icy embrace, adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the scene. The city’s vibrant bazaars continue to bustle, defying the cold with their energy.

The Van Cat, with its distinctive heterochromatic eyes, roams proudly even in the frost. Van’s cold is a backdrop to a thriving city where history, commerce, and nature intertwine against winter’s canvas.

9.   Hakkari


Hakkari, nestled in Turkey’s southeastern and coldest embrace, knows the art of embracing winter’s cold. Its snow-covered mountains cast a serene spell, inviting the daring to explore their secrets.

The stone-built Yüksekova houses snug against the chill, tell tales of generations past. Hakkari’s markets continue to buzz with life, offering warm spices and vibrant textiles against winter’s backdrop.

Here, the chilly air serves as a friend and a constant reminder that life and culture continue to bloom despite winter’s touch.

10. Iğdır


Iğdır, the other coldest place in Turkey, a gateway to Armenia, welcomes winter with open arms. The landscape wears a frosty cloak punctuated by the Aras River’s meandering path.

The serene beauty of the Iğdır Mosque stands against the chill, a place of solace and reflection. Despite the cold, the warmth of the community radiates through shared meals and laughter.

Iğdır’s cold is a reminder that friendships are nurtured within the snow-covered plains, and the human spirit finds warmth even in the coldest days.

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11. Bingöl

Coldest Place in Turkey - Bingöl
Coldest Place in Turkey – Bingöl

Nestled among eastern Anatolia’s mountains, Bingöl finds its rhythm in winter’s tune. Snowflakes weave a quiet tapestry, draping the town in pristine white.

The Bingöl Castle’s ancient stones whisper stories of the past as if sharing secrets with the snow-covered peaks.

As the cold settles in Turkey, the locals gather for shared warmth, their conversations blending tradition and modernity.

The warmth of Bingöl’s people pierces through the winter chill, reminding visitors that within the frosty exterior lies a community bound by history and a zest for life.

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12. Tunceli


Tunceli, cradled by the Munzur Mountains, dons winter’s attire with grace. The town’s architecture mirrors its natural surroundings, blending seamlessly with the snow-capped peaks.

The Munzur National Park, a winter wonderland, invites adventurers to embrace the cold with open arms.

As temperatures drop, Tunceli’s cafes become hubs of laughter and conversation, where stories unfold over cups of steaming çay.

Tunceli’s cold is not just a temperature; it’s an invitation to connect with nature’s beauty and the warmth of human interaction, a balance that defines this tranquil corner of Turkey.

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Let’s review together.

In the tapestry of Turkey’s diverse landscapes, these coldest places in Turkey paint a unique picture of winter.

From the snow-draped streets of Kars to the tranquil beauty of Lake Van in Bitlis and the serene solitude of Ardahan, each destination invites us to experience the beauty and resilience of life in colder climes.

As we went through Muş’s traditions, Van’s historical tapestry, and the inviting warmth of Bingöl and Tunceli, we discovered that even amid winter’s chill, these places offer a warmth of their own. This warmth resides in the hearts of their people.

Have you explored these coldest locations in Turkey?

Below are your experiences and thoughts about “what are the coldest places in Turkey?”!

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