Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait

What Are the Best Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait?

The cuisine of Kuwait, a tiny but culturally significant country on the Arabian Gulf, is unlike anything else you’ll taste since it fuses traditional Middle Eastern ingredients with influences from surrounding nations.

In this enchanting land, one will discover a myriad of culinary delights that cater to every palate, transforming it into a paradise for those who adore the art of gastronomy.

Welcome, fellow adventurers! In this captivating piece, we shall set forth on a remarkable expedition, traversing the culinary wonders of Kuwait.

Together, we shall uncover a treasure trove of delectable delights that are simply a must-try when venturing into this captivating land.

So, if you are one of the people who want to know what are the best food to try when visiting Kuwait, you are in the right place.

List of the 20 most popular Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait

In this part, allow us to present to you a compilation of some delectable culinary delights that are highly sought after in the enchanting land of Kuwait.

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These gastronomic treasures are a must-know for any intrepid traveler seeking to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Kuwaiti cuisine.

1.    Machboos

Machboos - Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait
Machboos – Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait

Anyone visiting Kuwait should sample the national dish, Machboos, which is the best food to try when visiting Kuwait.

Aromatic spices, basmati rice, and your choice of meat (usually chicken, lamb, or fish) make up this delicious rice meal.

Its unique flavor comes from a combination of saffron, black lime, and cinnamon, among other spices.

It’s traditionally accompanied by tangy daqoos (tomato sauce) and topped with fried onions. Machboos is a filling and enjoyable supper because of its rich taste and delicate meat.

2.    Ogaily, Gers

Ogaily, Gers
Ogaily, Gers

Gers Ogaily, or Hareeseh, which is the other delicious and special food to try when visiting Kuwait, is a well-liked Kuwaiti sweet.

Semolina, sugar, and ghee are the base ingredients for this dessert, and either rosewater or orange blossom water is added for taste.

Pistachios or almonds are often used as garnishes, and the mixture is cooked until a crust develops.

Taste senses will be left wanting more of Gers Ogaily because of its well-balanced textures and pleasant scent.

3.   Mandi Laham

Mandi Laham
Mandi Laham

Mandi Laham, a popular dish in Kuwait, is known for its delicious combination of ingredients and long culinary tradition.

Mandi Laham’s signature ingredients are slow-cooked morsels of delicious lamb or chicken flavored with cardamom, cloves, and saffron.

The meat is slow-cooked in a tandoor oven that is buried underground, which gives the meal a unique smokey taste and exceptionally soft texture.

Basmati rice, which has a mild, pleasant flavor, is often used as the base, while fried onions, almonds, and raisins are common toppings.

The Kuwaiti history of making foods that are both savory and steeped in cultural heritage is exemplified in Mandi Laham, a dish that is a genuine feast for the senses.

Mandi Laham, one of the best foods to try when visiting Kuwait, is the quintessential dish of Kuwaiti cuisine, and every foodie who visits the country must eat it.

4.    Jireesh

Jireesh - Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait
Jireesh – Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait

This cuisine, known as jireesh, has its origins in the Bedouin culture of Kuwait. Tender pieces of lamb or chicken are cooked with crushed wheat to make this dish.

This best food to try when visiting Kuwait is cooked low and slow so that the grains can soak up the meat and spices.

Jireesh is often served with a dollop of ghee because of its warm, porridge-like texture. If you want to try real Kuwaiti food, this is the meal to order.

5.    Maglooba

Maglooba - Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait
Maglooba – Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait

The Kuwaiti dish magnolia, which is the other best food to try when visiting Kuwait, is a fan favorite due to its delicious taste combination and visually appealing appearance.

Layers of aromatic rice, delicate meat (often chicken or lamb), and other veggies (eggplant, tomatoes, and the like) make up this one-pot masterpiece.

To truly appreciate the meticulously constructed layers, the dish must be inverted before serving. Warmth and depth are imparted to each mouthful by the spices used.

Maglooba is a must-try for anybody discovering Kuwaiti cuisine, as it serves as a representation of the country’s diverse cultural heritage and demonstrates how simple ingredients can be transformed into something spectacular via the art of cooking.

6.    Shawarma

Shawarma - Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait

Like many other Middle Eastern nations, Shawarma is a popular and widely available street snack in Kuwait.

This best food to try when visiting Kuwait, with its unique combination of tastes and textures, is a perfect representation of Kuwaiti fast-food culture.

Shawarma is prepared by gently roasting small slices of marinated meat on a vertical rotisserie. The meat may be beef, chicken, or lamb.

Shaved pieces of meat, fresh veggies, tahini sauce, and sometimes a spicy chili or garlic sauce are all piled inside a warm flatbread and devoured.

The result is a delectable bundle of meat that is soft but juicy, crisp veggies, and sauces that are both creamy and delicious yet still easy to carry about.

Shawarma is a popular and delicious dish in Kuwait that can be found just about everywhere, from street vendors to fine dining establishments.

It’s a cuisine that everyone can get behind, whether you’re a native Kuwaiti or just visiting the country for the first time.

7.    Samboosa


Samboosas, which are similar to samosas, are a popular snack in Kuwait. Typically, the filling for these triangular pastries consists of ground pork, onions, and spices.

They are deep-fried till golden brown, giving them a crunchy exterior that goes well with the contents. Samboosas are tasty, portable, and may be purchased from street sellers, and it is the fifth best food to try when visiting Kuwait on our list.

8.    Margoog


A traditional Kuwaiti dish, margoog is a substantial stew made with a variety of vegetables, meat (typically chicken), and fragrant spices.

The dish’s lengthy simmering time allows the flavors to develop and the dish to become rich and fulfilling.

Traditionally, big batches of margoog were cooked and served to guests on holidays and other important occasions.

All of the details explained about this food make it the most remarkable to try when visiting Kuwait.

9.    Gahwa

 Gahwa - Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait
Gahwa – Foods to Try When Visiting Kuwait

The traditional coffee culture of Kuwait is something that must be experienced on each trip to the country.

Traditional Arabic coffee, or gahwa, is a sign of hospitality in Kuwait. Coffee, so fragrant and robust, is usually served in little cups with sugary dates.

Cardamom and a touch of saffron give this coffee an exotic and delicious flavor. It is polite to take at least one cup of Gahwa when given the opportunity, and it is a special food to try when visiting Kuwait.

10. Mutabbaq Samak

Mutabbaq Samak
Mutabbaq Samak

Kuwait’s appreciation of fresh fish and robust tastes is on full display in the delicious foods to try when visiting Kuwait, known as Mutabbaq Samak.

Careful marinating in a combination of fragrant spices and herbs is an important part of the preparation procedure for this grilled fish dish.

Then, it is grilled over an open flame until it reaches the desired doneness. The ultimate result is a smoky, charred skin and juicy, sensitive inside in a fish that is brimming with flavor.

Mutabbaq Samak, a traditional Kuwaiti dish, is a showcase of the country’s culinary prowess and the country’s ability to transform humble materials into a gourmet feast that seafood connoisseurs can relish and appreciate.


Daqqus, a salad common in Kuwait, is representative of the country’s diverse culinary traditions and taste profiles.

As a favorite Kuwaiti appetizer or side dish, this salad is a wonderful combination of fresh and tangy ingredients.

Tomatoes, onions, garlic, and other spices and herbs are the foundation of Daqqus. This salad has a lot of color and taste thanks to the finely chopped vegetables and herbs that are incorporated into it.

Daqqus is a popular and the best food to try when visiting Kuwait. That goes well with grilled meats, rice, and kebabs, and it may also be used as a sandwich spread.

Its bright and tangy flavor emphasizes the use of locally produced fruit and herbs in Kuwaiti cuisine while also adding a welcome blast of freshness to any dish.

It’s a must-try for anybody curious about the varied and wonderful world of Kuwaiti cuisine since it exemplifies the lovely simplicity that characterizes the country’s culinary traditions.

In the end,

Finally, those who are ready to do so will find the best foods to try when visiting Kuwait is one of the most extraordinary they’ve ever experienced.

The food of the country is a reflection of its cultural past and the impact of many world cuisines, from the sweet and sour spices of Mandi Laham to the savory layers of Shawarma.

The unique flavors of Mutabbaq Samak and Daqqus are welcome additions, while Maglooba is a reflection of the warmth and giving of the Kuwaiti people.

Not only do these foods, but the region as a whole provide a fascinating gourmet excursion for visitors.

Visitors from all over the globe may enjoy a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable eating experience in Kuwait because of the city’s culinary scene, which is a blend of history and innovation.

If you ever find yourself in Kuwait, don’t miss the chance to sample some of the country’s delicious cuisine. Your gustatory senses will forever remember this incredible adventure.

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