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8 of the Best banks in Kuwait for expats

Many people around the world choose to visit Kuwait because of its booming economy and active expat community.

Finding a reliable financial institution can be important whether you are a recent immigrant or a long-term resident. Several banks specialize in expatriates in Kuwait, each with its advantages.

In this in-depth article, we will take a look at several of the top banks in Kuwait that cater to foreigners so you can choose wisely.

So, if you want to get the statistics on the best banks in Kuwait for expats, stay with us in this post.

Top banks in kuwait for expats

We present to you a splendid list of the best banks in Kuwait, tailored especially for the adventurous expats.

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Allow us to regale you with intricate details about their remarkable offerings:

1.    Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

Kuwait Finance House (KFH)
Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

KFH is the main Islamic bank in Kuwait, providing financial services that are in accordance with Islamic law, or Sharia. This bank is one of the best banks in Kuwait.

Savings accounts, checking accounts, investment opportunities, and credit cards are just some of the many financial services they provide.

KFH provides an expat service division to assist those who are not Kuwaiti with their specific requests. KFH has foreign branches so that it can meet the financial needs of expats all around the world.

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2.    Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK)

Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK)
Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK)

The second-best financial Service in Kuwait is CBK has a well-established history in Kuwait, serving both locals and foreigners with its banking products and services.

Expats looking for a bank with deep roots in the community can find CBK’s strong local presence comforting. Online banking is available at this bank for the customer’s ease of use.

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3.    Burgan Bank

Burgan bank in Kuwait
Burgan bank in Kuwait

Expats wishing to build their money while living abroad can find banking for non-Kuwaiti residents. Burgan Bank’s excellent interest rates on savings accounts and loans are appealing.

Burgan Bank makes it simple for expatriates to access their money no matter where they are in Kuwait, thanks to their widespread branch and ATM network.

The bank provides an easy-to-use mobile banking app so foreign nationals can tend to their financial needs while on the road.

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4.    Gulf Bank

Gulf bank in Kuwait
Gulf bank in Kuwait

The focus on the client is one of the reasons why Gulf Bank is so popular among expats; they know they can count on receiving the highest quality service, which makes it a banking solution for expats.

Gulf Bank is conveniently located in high-traffic locations frequented by expatriates.

Online banking and smartphone applications are only two of the many digital services they provide to make banking easier for expats.

Expats in need of foreign cash can make use of Gulf Bank’s currency exchange services.

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5.    National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

NBK is one of the biggest and most trusted banks in Kuwait, and as such, it provides a full range of banking products and services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, and credit cards.

NBK places a premium on meeting the needs of international residents. Expats can get help from an English-speaking workforce and specialized services.

You can easily manage your bank accounts from anywhere in the world using the bank’s user-friendly online and mobile banking services, which are available 24/7.

Expats juggling numerous currencies will appreciate NBK’s cheap exchange rates for foreign currency transactions.

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6.    Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK)

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK)
Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK)

The Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) has a long history and a solid reputation in the Kuwaiti banking industry.

ABK has been a major force in the banking industry in the nation since its founding in 1967.

The bank provides a wide variety of banking and financial services to meet the requirements of its customers, both individuals and businesses.

Financial goods and services include checking and savings accounts, installment loans, credit cards, and investments of different kinds.

ABK is also well-known for its dedication to Islamic finance and Sharia-compliant banking products.

Customers in any part of Kuwait can easily have access to ABK’s services thanks to the bank’s wide branch and ATM network, as well as its digital banking choices.

It has a good reputation among Kuwaiti banking customers because of the priority it places on putting their needs first and offering them individualized financial solutions. All of these features make it as best bank account for expats in Kuwait.

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7.    Boubyan Bank

Boubyan bank in Kuwait
Boubyan bank in Kuwait

Boubyan is an expatriate Banking Option in Kuwait renowned for pushing the boundaries of traditional banking practices.

This bank, the leading Islamic financial institution, operates according to Shariah-compliant banking principles and offers a wide range of banking products and services to customers.

Examples of these offerings include savings and savings accounts, financial strategies, and automotive storage.

Boubyan Bank is known for its commitment to its customers and its constant efforts to improve their banking experience.

As part of its commitment to digital banking solutions, it offers its customers simple and easy-to-use online and mobile banking options.

Boubyan Bank is respected in the Kuwaiti banking industry for its innovation, ethics, and customer focus.

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8.    Ahli United Bank Kuwait

Ahli United Bank Kuwait
Ahli United Bank Kuwait

When thinking about banks in Kuwait, it’s hard to go beyond the prestigious Ahli United Bank Kuwait.

This bank is well-known for its dedication to providing superior banking services, and it does so by offering a comprehensive suite of financial options. All this one of the details causes it to be one of the top Kuwaiti banks for expats.

Money market accounts, checking accounts, loans, credit cards, wealth management, and investment services are all part of the package.

The bank’s mission is to build lasting connections with its customers and earn their complete satisfaction via the delivery of superior products and services.

Ahli United Bank, which has an emphasis on digital banking, provides convenient online and mobile banking platforms for its clients.

People and businesses in Kuwait can put their faith in Ahli United Bank Kuwait because of its stellar reputation and customer-first focus.

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Ultimately, selecting the best bank for expats in Kuwait is an important choice for foreigners living there.

There is a wide variety of banks in the nation, each with its special amenities and services for foreigners living there.

Among the best options are the trustworthy and customer-centric National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), Kuwait Finance House (KFH), Burgan Bank, Gulf Bank, Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK), and Boubyan Bank.

Consider your needs in terms of banking services, convenience of branch and ATM locations, language options, and online banking features.

If you take the time to weigh all of these considerations and consider how they relate to your financial objectives, you’ll be able to choose the bank that will best meet your requirements throughout your stay in Kuwait.

Keep in mind that you have special banking demands as an expat, so it’s important to make an educated decision that works for you.

Now, let’s see what your idea is about the best banks for expats in Kuwait.

Please share all your experiences with us if you have about the Kuwaiti banks for foreigners and expats in the comment section.

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