Coldest Places in Switzerland Coldest Places in Switzerland

7 of the Coldest Places in Switzerland

Switzerland, known for its Alpine peaks and winter wonders, attracts cold-seekers. Some of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful places are in this lovely country. This tour explores Switzerland’s harshest regions, where nature’s icy embrace is stunning and terrifying.

From La Brévine, the “Siberia of Switzerland,” to Jungfraujoch, the “Top of Europe,” these places provide more than simply cold weather. They show winter’s peaceful beauty and brutal reality. Switzerland’s coldest areas are varied and chilling, with record-breaking cold regions, high-altitude ski resorts, and glaciers that provide year-round winter wonderlands.

As we explore these frozen places, you’ll learn about their temperatures and distinct sensations. These places provide winter activities for snow lovers, from peaceful walks in snow-covered woods to thrilling ski jumps on fluffy slopes.

Join us as we bundle up and discover what are the coldest places in Switzerland, where the cold is revered. Winter is everlasting and the coldness is irresistible in these cold places.

Top Coldest Places in Switzerland

There are some severely frigid temperatures in Switzerland, particularly in its mountainous areas, despite the fact that Switzerland is famous for its breathtaking alpine vistas.

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There are a few locations in Switzerland that are among the coldest:

1.    La Brévine

Coldest Places in Switzerland - La-Brevine
Coldest Places in Switzerland – La-Brevine

The most frigid spot in Switzerland is the picturesque Swiss town of La Brévine, which is located in the Jura Mountains. Known as the “Siberia of Switzerland,” it became famous in 1987 when it recorded the lowest temperature in Switzerland—-41.8 degrees Celsius, or -43.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unusual geographical positioning of this little, tranquil valley makes it a natural cold sink, a place where chilly air concentrates, particularly on winter evenings. Despite the brutal winters, La Brévine is a popular tourist spot because of its gorgeous scenery and authentic Swiss character.

The hamlet becomes a winter paradise in the dead of winter, when visitors may enjoy cross-country skiing, picturesque winter walks, and other winter sports in a peaceful, snowy environment that perfectly captures the essence of a Swiss winter.

2.    Davos

Coldest Places in Switzerland - Davos
Coldest Places in Switzerland – Davos

As one of the coldest places in Switzerland, Davos is well-known as one of the highest cities in Europe. It has lengthy, cold winters characterized by heavy snowfall and piercing cold temperatures because of its high elevation of around 1,560 meters (5,120 feet).

The yearly World Economic Forum is held in this town, which is well-known for more than simply its cold weather; it is also a center of global importance. Skiing and snowboarding on Davos’s expansive, snow-covered slopes and visiting the city’s many museums and galleries are just two of the many cultural and outdoor pursuits available in the middle of the winter weather.

Offering tourists the option to feel the coolness of the Swiss Alps while enjoying the conveniences of a lively, contemporary town, this town is unusual in its blend of high-altitude temperature and cosmopolitan flair. It is a remarkable destination.

3.    Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch - coldest place in Switzerland
Jungfraujoch – coldest place in Switzerland

The Jungfraujoch, often called the “Top of Europe,” is among the chilliest spots in all of Switzerland. Located at an incredible height of more than 3,450 meters (11,330 feet), it presents a winter scene that never ends, with summer temperatures hardly rising above freezing.

Guests can reach this breathtaking high-altitude attraction by taking a unique train ride over the Swiss Alps, which takes them to a realm where the snow and ice never melt.

At Jungfraujoch, visitors can enjoy a variety of snow-based sports, stroll across the magical Aletsch Glacier, and take in stunning panoramic views of the surrounding peaks.

For those in search of the exhilaration of the high Alps and the tranquil beauty of its frozen domains, Jungfraujoch is more than simply a chilly destination in Switzerland; it is an unforgettable trip due to the unique mix of high altitude and breathtaking alpine scenery.

4.    Glacier 3000

Glacier 3000 - coldest place in Switzerland
Glacier 3000 – coldest place in Switzerland

One of the chilliest and most thrilling places in Switzerland is Glacier 3000, which is located in the Swiss Alps close to Les Diablerets.

As its name suggests, this glacier region, at a height of over 3,000 meters (about 10,000 feet), provides a distinctive winter setting where temperatures stay cold even in the summer.

Enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding in breathtaking mountain landscapes at this frozen paradise. At Glacier 3000, you can also find the world-renowned Peak Walk, the first suspension bridge of its kind, which links two mountain peaks.

From here, you can take in stunning views of Mont Blanc, the Eiger, and the Matterhorn. Anyone looking to immerse oneself in the magnificent majesty of the Swiss winter landscape will never forget Glacier 3000, with its combination of intense cold, exhilarating activities and attractive panoramas.

5.    Glattalp

Coldest Places in Switzerland - Glattalp
Coldest Places in Switzerland – Glattalp

Hidden in the Muotathal Valley lies the glacier town of Glattalp, Switzerland, which is both less well-known and very chilly. This isolated alpine region, which sits at an elevation of around 1,850 meters (6,070 feet), is noted for its very cold winters, which may sometimes be as cold as the world-famous La Brévine.

Glattalp has some of Switzerland’s coldest temperatures due to its unusual geography, which includes a high basin bordered by cliffs, which acts as a natural cold sink and causes frigid air to settle.

This remote location, which can be reached by cable car, becomes a picturesque winter wonderland, providing a peaceful retreat for those in search of peace among landscapes blanketed in snow.

A hidden treasure for explorers and nature lovers seeking to experience the stark, peaceful beauty of the Swiss Alps in winter, Glattalp is not as often frequented as other cold spots in Switzerland.

However, its raw and unadulterated beauty, along with its bone-chilling temperatures, makes it well worth the visit.

6.    Les Ponts-de-Martel

Les Ponts-de-Martel -Coldest Places in Switzerland
Les Ponts-de-Martel – Coldest Places in Switzerland

The other coldest place in Switzerland, situated in the scenic Neuchâtel Jura area of Switzerland, Les Ponts-de-Martel, is notorious for having some of the country’s harshest winters.

Located in a broad valley at a height of around 1,000 meters (3,280 feet), this picturesque community has a distinct microclimate.

It often experiences temperatures considerably below freezing due to its location in a valley basin, where cold air may accumulate, especially during the winter.

With its snow-covered landscapes and frozen lakes, Les Ponts-de-Martel provides a peaceful and enchanted winter experience.

The serene setting, perfect for winter sports like cross-country skiing and hiking, as well as the chilly weather, attracts visitors looking to experience the classic Swiss countryside.

7.    Rothenthurm-Mösli

Rothenthurm-Mösli - Coldest Places in Switzerland
Rothenthurm-Mösli – Coldest Places in Switzerland

Another place famous for very cold weather in Switzerland, particularly in the winter, is Rothenthurm-Mösli in the central part of this country. Because of its high height, this region experiences unusually cold weather, which is defined by its vast high moorlands and picturesque rural scenery.

On clear winter evenings, the chilly air can settle and stay because of the region’s unique climate, high elevation, and wide vistas.

Rothenthurm-Mösli is well-known for more than simply its frigid temperatures; the region is also lauded for its special and attractive scenery and active preservation efforts, especially around its distinctive moorlands.

This is why it is so popular among those who love nature and want to go away to a peaceful, unspoiled setting.

An enchanting but frigid retreat, it turns into a frozen wonderland in the winter, giving guests the opportunity to see the tranquil beauty of the Swiss landscape covered in snow.


We have discovered a wide variety of locations throughout our tour across Switzerland’s harshest regions, each with its own distinct beauty and icy attraction.

These places, from the record-breaking depths of La Brévine to the high-altitude frost of Jungfraujoch, represent the tranquil beauty and severe reality of the winter landscapes in Switzerland.

There are many ways to enjoy and appreciate the cold in Switzerland. From the year-round ice wonder of Glacier 3000 to the serene frostiness of Les Ponts-de-Martel and the conservation-rich chilly moors of Rothenthurm-Mösli, there is something for everyone.

Visiting these coldest places in Switzerland is about more than just braving the cold; it’s about immersing yourself in Switzerland’s breathtaking landscapes.

Now that we’ve covered all the coldest spots in Switzerland, it’s obvious that these locations provide more than just frigid weather.

Now we want you to share your experiences with us if you have traveled to Switzerland up to now, and also, we want you to tell us what if you decide to go to this country with one of these Switzerland cold destinations will you choose?

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