Coldest Cities in Finland Coldest Cities in Finland

Coldest Cities in Finland

It is necessary to focus on the northern parts of this Nordic nation while talking about the coldest cities in Finland.

Finland is home to some of Europe’s chilliest cities because of its renowned subarctic and arctic temperatures, particularly in the Lapland region.

Sodankylä and Rovaniemi, two cities in northern Finland, are famous for having very harsh winters. Cold, snowy winters with temperatures far below freezing are common in these cities because of their proximity to or location within the Arctic Circle.

The severe winters in these regions are evidence of the stunning and wild beauty of Finland’s scenery and climate.

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+6 Top coldest cities in Finland

The following are the top six coldest cities in Finland, the majority of which are noted for having exceptionally severe winter climates:

1.    Nuorgam

Coldest Cities in Finland - Nuorgam
Coldest Cities in Finland – Nuorgam

Set in the very north of Finland, the town of Nuorgam is both the northernmost community in the nation and, according to many, one of the coldest.

Situated in the Lapland area, this little community is near the Arctic Circle and not far from the Norwegian border.

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Cold snaps that drop considerably below freezing are common in Nuorgam’s brutal winters. The summers are brief and warm, while the winters are lengthy and gloomy.

Nuorgam, as the coldest city in Finland, stands out as a one-of-a-kind destination in Finland for experiencing harsh Arctic conditions due to its unique geographical position, which brings about chilly weather as well as phenomena like the Midnight Sun in summer and the Northern Lights in winter.

2.    Kemi

Coldest City in Finland - Kemi
Coldest City in Finland – Kemi

The northern Finnish city of Kemi is well-known as one of the coldest in Finland due to its notoriously deep freezes throughout winter.

Kemi, situated on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, has a subarctic climate with lengthy winters marked by heavy snowfall and temperatures that dip below freezing.

Tourists from all over the globe go to the city every year to see the SnowCastle, an awe-inspiring artificial monument constructed completely of snow and ice.

While winters in Kemi may be cold, the island’s coastal position helps to keep temperatures somewhat more bearable than in more interior parts of Lapland. Those interested in experiencing the stark beauty of Finnish winters will find Kemi an attractive visit due to its unusual blend of coastal climate and Arctic influences.

3.    Rovaniemi

Coldest Cities in Finland - Rovaniemi
Coldest Cities in Finland – Rovaniemi

Known for its severe, snowy winters, the Finnish Lapland city of Rovaniemi is sometimes mentioned as one of the coldest in Finland.

Because of its location close south of the Arctic Circle, the city has long, gloomy winters when temperatures dip below freezing on a regular basis.

Rovaniemi is able to display breathtaking natural phenomena like the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights because of its unique position, which also delivers very cold weather.

Despite the bitter winters, Rovaniemi welcomes many visitors who come to enjoy the winter wonderland, see sites with a Christmas theme, and learn that Santa Claus was born and raised there.

A unique and captivating destination in Finland, the Rovaniemi winter temperatures combine an Arctic environment with a wealth of cultural activities.

4.    Tankavaara

Tankavaara - coldest places in finland
Tankavaara – coldest places in finland

One of the coldest places in Finland, particularly during the long winter months, is Tankavaara, a tiny town in Finnish Lapland.

Its location in the municipality of Sodankylä, surrounded by the vast and unspoiled northern wilderness, makes it often cold.

Tankavaara is well-known for more than just its chilly climate; it is also a center for gold panning activities and is home to the renowned Gold Prospector Museum, which draws in curious tourists interested in the area’s rich cultural past.

Nature lovers and those interested in experiencing the tranquil beauty and harsh winter conditions of the Lapland area will find this settlement to be an ideal vacation due to its closeness to Urho Kekkonen National Park.

5.    Sodankylä


Many consider Sodankylä, a city in the north, to be one of the country’s coldest in Finland.

Sodankylä Finland weather is defined by its location deep within the Arctic Circle, which means that winters here are lengthy and very cold, with temperatures dropping well below freezing.

Because of its location, Sodankylä experiences several very unusual weather patterns, including the summertime Midnight Sun and the wintertime Northern Lights.

Sodankylä is a gateway to the enormous wildness and stunning natural beauty of Lapland. Despite its harsh winters, it is renowned for its cultural legacy, which includes the world-famous Midnight Sun Film Festival. Sodankylä is an extraordinary and fascinating location in Finland due to its mix of severe weather and cultural vitality.

6.    Tohmajärvi

Tohmajärvi - coldest places in finland
Tohmajärvi – coldest places in finland

As one of Finland’s chillier locales, Tohmajärvi stands out due to its notoriously frigid winters and position in the North Karelia area in the country’s easternmost section.

Located close to the Russian border, this quiet little town has a continental climate with cold, snowy winters and mild, sunny summers.

The town’s unique allure is enhanced by its closeness to expansive woods and lakes, which draw people seeking to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of rural Finland and its peaceful way of life.

The icy landscapes and chilly weather of Tohmajärvi provide the classic Finnish winter experience, even if the temperature isn’t as low as in other northern regions.


To sum up, the northern Lapland area of Finland is home to a number of cities and villages famous for their frigid temperatures, thanks to the country’s varied and sometimes harsh climates.

Long, cold winters with heavy snowfall and temperatures that drop below freezing are typical of the subarctic conditions experienced by cities like Sodankylä and Rovaniemi.

Not only that, but smaller towns that are rich in culture and history, such as Nuorgam, Kemi, Tankavaara, and Tohmajärvi, also suffer from unusually cold weather.

In addition to showcasing the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights, these sites provide insight into the hardy way of life that has evolved to thrive in Finland’s frigid winters.

A tribute to Finland’s natural beauty and the perseverance of its inhabitants, the coldest cities in Finland showcase everything from the mesmerizing winter wonderlands of Rovaniemi to the serene, icy landscapes of Tohmajärvi.

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