What is Liguria Known for What is Liguria Known for

What is Liguria Known for?

Having a trip to somewhere new and seeing other places with all those people and weird cultures is one of the most enjoyable things for adventurers.

Among all countries, how many of them have you visited up to now? What about Italy, do you like to see there someday?

In case you get to, which parts of Italy attract you the most in the first place? Do you prefer to visit the capital or some countryside regions? The architecture of the Deniz building could make you excited!

But have you ever heard about Liguria? What is Liguria known for?

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A quick look at Liguria of Italy

Italy is known for its food, history, soccer, and art. Still, each of its cities is trying to be a representative of what they are best at!

Liguria is not as famous as Roma, Florence, or Milan, but once you google it and see its location in the country next to the Mediterranean Sea, you might think of visiting it!

What is Liguria known for? Don’t you know that? Well, congrats, you are in a great place at a perfect time!

Here in this essay, we will talk about the top 10 Liguria attractions and what it is known for to the eye of the local people, so lay back and keep reading!

1.    Aquarium of Genoa

 Aquarium of Genoa in Liguria
Aquarium of Genoa in Liguria

The second-greatest aquarium in Europe might be enough to make Liguria memorable in your mind! With more than 400 species of animals.

The number of fish and other creatures is estimated to be around 15000! Which is countless to some extent.

You can see many mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and so on, such as sharks, penguins, jellyfish, and dolphins.

Do you have any children with you? Take it to Neptune pirate ship just around the corner, where they can have fun apart from the boring scientific parts.

website : https://www.acquariodigenova.it/

2.    Whale watching

Whale watching in Liguria
Whale watching in Liguria

What is Liguria known for? When you catch it next to the sea, you must understand that much of its fame is related to water and the creature inside!

The whale might be too big to fit into the aquarium, but people can get through its living hood this time!

Watching whales swimming around your sheep can open great opportunities to take pictures!

Remember to ask the expert any questions about whales and the sea.

3.    Pista Ciclabile

Pista Ciclabile in Liguria
Pista Ciclabile in Liguria

Refrain from telling me you want to drive here; in Liguria, you can find an incredible path specified for bicycle riders which is tight enough to keep any car from coming around!

This 20-kilometer road can give you some of the best landscapes and whatever you need to take on the road, so do not worry about details!

What is Liguria known for? A true paradise for bicycles between San Lorenzo al Mare and San Remo! And a nice road for those of you who would like to enjoy a little exercising.

4.    Portofino

Portofino in Liguria
Portofino in Liguria

This one is likely the one for which many people know Liguria the most! A picturesque, pretty, and famous village located near the Liguria River!

It might be wonderful to know that this place relying on many people is one of the eighth world’s wonders, which is why I am in love with it.

This was found by Romans back then and called the “Port of the Dolphins,” probably because of the large number of dolphins hanging there.

Portofino’s clean, blue, and shiny water is calling you to have a fabulous trip here using a boat with your loved ones!

5.    Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre in Liguria
Cinque Terre in Liguria

What is Liguria known for? Be naked; many people know because of Cinque Terre! A national park is also known as “Five Lands.”

It has five historic seaside villages, including Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, which explains why it is called that!

You can barely find any flat piece of the floor here, yet filled with many houses, historic buildings, and great visions reflecting the old age vibes.

Like everywhere else in Liguria, having the sea around is a big advantage in the Cinque Terra.

6.    The Hanbury Gardens

The Hanbury Gardens in Liguria
The Hanbury Gardens in Liguria

What is Liguria known for? Probably as a city which contains the most beautiful garden in the country! The Hanbury Gardens.

Here you can find a great and full collection of all species of flowers and plants that grow in the Mediterranean climate, a fantastic place to go on the weekend, provided you remember taking your camera!

Two thousand five hundred plants look perfect in this place in different colors, especially Mediterranean floras, which can make an epic paradise for plant lovers.

It is called “Giardini Botanici Hanbury” in Italian, and all local people are proud of having it.

website : https://giardinihanbury.com/

7.    The Caves of Toirano

The Caves of Toirano in Liguria
The Caves of Toirano in Liguria

The Caves of Toirano is one of the most famous places in Liguria, with a wide range of caves you would like to visit! Some of them even belong to 12340 years BC!

What is Liguria known for? History for sure, and the caves of Toirano or “Grotte di Toirano” in Italian, perfectly takes care of its title.

Now you might picture a boring dark place, but there you can find the skeleton of prehistoric cave bears, human handprints, and footprints in different sizes!

You can find this place in the Varatella Valley, close to Toirano in Savona!

website : http://www.toiranogrotte.it/

8.    Bussana Vecchia

Bussana Vecchia in Liguria
Bussana Vecchia in Liguria

It is understandable if you feel exhausted of a large population fit in this small area, now let me take you somewhere with no residents! Maybe a town for ghosts.

The old Vecchia (Bussana Vecchia in Italy) is a city belonging to the latest medieval ages and the early Renaissance ages located on top of a hill, just a few kilometers away from France.

In 1887 after a miserable earthquake that destroyed the majority of historical buildings in the area, this place got evacuated and left an interesting and partly scary town for visitors.

9.    Cervo

What is Liguria Known for - Cervo
What is Liguria Known for – Cervo

What is Liguria known for? It is all about history! Cervo is another town filled with towers and ramparts belonging to the 16th-century AC.

It is considered another medieval place of Liguria, representing traditional music during July and August, so try to make it this time to kill two birds with only one stone.

If you are into music, history, or just wondering how it would feel to be in an old town belonging to centuries ago with warm people, there is no way you lose visiting it.


Genua - What is Liguria Known for
Genua – What is Liguria Known for

The last and final item of our list related to what Liguria is known for; well, the Genua Center of Liguria is the number one reason many people might know this place!

It does not matter if you are here to shop, enjoy visiting a complete sample of colorful culture in Italy, or look for somewhere to have fun and freshen up; Genua is here to ensure you got it covered.

There are several museums all over the town, where you can go from one to another using the bus or subway! All it costs is a 16 to 20 Euros card to give you a pass for 48 hours!

One way or another, keep visiting Genua, my friends.

Final words about What is Liguria Known for?

As much as it feels great to be somewhere popular, crowded, and somewhere you have seen the poster a million times, visiting an unknown place can be enjoyable, either.

What is Liguria known for? Which one of the above items have you heard about Liguria? Would you want to visit it next time you are in Italy?

What are the qualities of a place worths to visit for you? What cannot you stand in a place as a tourist?

Share your perspectives and ideas about the reasons that Liguria is known for, and read others’ answers in the comment section; that would be fun!

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