Is Bari Worth Visiting Is Bari Worth Visiting

Is Bari Worth Visiting? (The Reasons You Should Know)

A trip to Bari? To put it! However, we do have certain preconceived notions about Italy.

We consider almost the whole sole of the boot a must-see destination. To dispel any notion that we’re merely recommending Italy in general as a travel destination, here are some specific reasons why Bari, Italy, should be on your list

Everything from the Adriatic’s sun-kissed beaches to the delicious white wines sold at the local osteria to the fascinating core of ancient Bari with its towering churches and palazzos deserves mention.

We haven’t even touched on all of Bari’s benefits. For example, the town’s southern location means it enjoys longer summers than the rest of Italy.

It’s also less expensive than northern Italy’s most popular cities like Milan and Florence.

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Without further ado, though, please see our best picks in response to the question, “Is Bari worth visiting?”

1.    Bari Vecchio

Bari Vecchio - Bari worth visiting
Bari Vecchio – Bari worth visiting

Why not take a trip back in time and explore the charming old town of Bari Vecchio in Italy?

It’s got such a great atmosphere! You have got to check out this amazing part of the city that is the first reason that causes Bari’s worth visiting!

It’s on a peninsula and offers a stunning old harbor view. The best part is that it’s all walled, creating this charming maze of narrow alleys, cobblestone streets, and cozy little squares.

It’s just waiting for you to come and explore. Once you step inside those sturdy stone walls, you’ll be amazed to discover a whopping 40 churches, along with a magnificent cathedral and the Basilica St Nicholas.

If we want to talk about a Fun fact, this basilica was built with the sole purpose of housing Santa’s bones, which were snatched from Myra in Turkey by some clever Barese sailors.

Like Naples on the other side of the country, the real joy in Bari is simply strolling around without a specific destination and taking in the city’s everyday life.

Kids love playing football on the streets! It’s interesting how men gather on street corners to smoke and gossip. And have you noticed how grandmothers hang their laundry on lines that stretch across the lanes from balcony to balcony? It’s such a common sight around here. Bari Vecchio is such a charming old town that people still live to this day!

2.    The delicious & tasty foods

The delicious foods - Is Bari worth visiting
The delicious foods – Is Bari worth visiting

Puglia is known for its amazing cucina povera! It’s all about delicious and straightforward dishes made with fresh, local ingredients that are in season.

Well, originally, it was out of necessity. But now, Puglia, especially Bari, is leading the way in a food movement that’s gaining popularity worldwide, and it is the second reason that our answer to the “Is Bari worth visiting?” question is yes.

One of the most popular and well-liked examples of this philosophy is orecchiette, a special type of pasta from Puglia made without eggs, with a unique shape resembling small ears.

You’ll find nonas making them all over the city and in those cozy family-run restaurants where they’re a specialty. The shape is just right for gathering all the delicious sauces that Bari is known for.

They’re made with the freshest local vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, and mushrooms, and they get an extra kick from Puglia’s juicy olives.

Another specialty in Bari is Riso, patate e cozze. You can look forward to enjoying a mouthwatering combination of rice, potatoes, and mussels, all baked together in terracotta pots using wood-fired ovens. It’s delicious and forgettable.

Wholly Bari is known for its delicious and wonderful street food! It would be best if you gave the panzerotti a try. They’re these amazing deep-fried pastries filled with gooey cheese and tomato.

Trust us, they’re mouthwatering, and you won’t believe the amazing seafood you can find at the markets!

It’s so fresh and delicious; it’ll be the best you’ve ever tasted. The vendors have set up a display of octopus, shrimp, and anemone, complete with a lemon wedge, just waiting for you to try them!

3.    The wonderful beaches

wonderful beaches - Bari worth visiting
wonderful beaches – Bari worth visiting

Bari is right in the middle of the shoreline in the Puglia region, so you’re saying that the Adriatic Sea is close by, like right at your doorstep?

That also means plenty of beaches to explore, so pack your swimming stuff and get the sunscreen ready!

The fact is that you’ll love visiting here anytime from May to September, and this is the cause why we say Bari is worth visiting!

You can spend your days basking in the sun on the pebbles and having a blast in the saltwater. It’s such a perfect time to enjoy the beach!

Unfortunately, the beachfront in the city’s heart doesn’t have great options.

That’s mainly because a massive ferry port and the remnants of an ancient port mostly occupy Bari’s seafront.

The closest beaches are just a 10-minute drive southeast or northwest of the Bari Vecchia old town.

But don’t worry, during the summer months, there are also regular urban buses that can take you there.

To continue, we will introduce you to 2 most popular beaches in Bari:

  • Spiaggia Pane e Pomodoro, or Bread and Tomato Beach, is a large and open beach in Italy that is popular for kitesurfing.
  • Torre Quetta Beach, when the shore becomes rockier, and stones predominate. The Adriatic Sea is an inky blue, and there are windy locations to soak up some rays. You’ll find this one just 15 minutes south of the city center.

4.    The beautiful landscape

beautiful landscape - Bari worth visiting
beautiful landscape – Bari worth visiting

Alberobello is this charming medieval village just outside of Bari. This commune is about an hour away by car and is famous for its attractive white-washed huts.

They were built from dry limestone long ago, and people live in them today. Those traditional Apulian houses are called Trulli and are believed to have been built in the 14th century.

Did you know that UNESCO listed these buildings as a World Heritage Site in 1996?

They were recognized as cool examples of spontaneous structures with much historical value.

Even though Alberobello is quite touristy these days, it’s still worth checking out.

5.    Friendly, active atmosphere

Friendly, active atmosphere in bari
Friendly, active atmosphere in bari

There’s just something about Mediterranean destinations that sets them apart.

Bari, like they have this perfect blend of peacefulness and vibrancy that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Bari is no exception, and it’s got this amazing relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time, it’s bursting with life, and all these features make Bari the worthing place to visit.

I enjoyed seeing the locals hanging out in the Murat district (the newer part of Bari). It was great to see them walking around the shopping streets, grabbing a drink with friends, and relaxing in the gardens of Piazza Umberto I, even on weekdays.

6.    Rich culture

Rich culture - Bari worth visiting
Rich culture – Bari worth visiting

The people of Bari might have a rough and ready reputation, but they’re quite cultured.

Have you heard about the Teatro Margherita? It’s such a beloved and iconic building in the city! It’s been around since 1914 and is located right on the harbor-front and it’s definitely on par with La Scala in Milan and San Carlo in Naples.

Luciano Pavarotti and Rudolf Nureyev are famous names that have graced our stage. It’s been quite a privilege to host such talented individuals.

The theatre has been recently restored and is now a bustling hub for contemporary art in the city. They’ve got a super busy calendar filled with concerts, exhibitions, and performances. It’s the place to be!

What about the Auditorium Nino Rota? Have you heard about it up to now? It’s a recently restored venue named after the famous Italian composer known for The Godfather soundtrack. He spent nearly 30 years living and teaching in Bari! Hearing his work performed in such a stunning venue must be a joy.

Finally, guess what? The end of 2019 marked the reopening of the fancy Teatro Piccinni after they gave it a major makeover. Now, this buzzing city has more than one but three renovated cultural establishments.

So, all of these tips show the rich culture that causes Bari to be worth visiting in four seasons.

The last word, Is Bari Worth Visiting?

Ultimately, you should take a trip to Bari. If you’re visiting Italy for the first time and want to see the major sights like Rome, Milan, and Florence, we wouldn’t recommend making a special trip here.

But if you want to go someplace less touristy but is yet steeped in history and simple to reach, then Bari could be the place for you because it has a rich history dating back over two millennia, a beautiful historic core, and some of the best beaches in all of Apulia.

We tried to draw a beautiful dream of Bari for you, and we hope this article benefits you.

Did you have a trip to Bari?

Which number is more worth it for you to visit Bari?

Share your experiences and ideas about the “Is Bari worth visiting?” topic.

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