views in the country of Lebanon views in the country of Lebanon

best views in the country of Lebanon

Lebanon’s beautiful panoramas and spectacular landscapes entice visitors to explore the country’s fascinating contrasts and natural splendor.

Located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean, this tiny but diversified nation is a veritable treasure chest of visual treasures.

In this article, we go in-depth to discover some of the best views in the country of Lebanon, diving into the many nuances that give each spot its allure.

So, if you are one of the fans of traveling, be with us to see what are the best scenic spots in Lebanon.

Top 10 views in the country of Lebanon

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey as we embark on a captivating exploration of the nature and scenic treasures of Lebanon.

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Allow us to unveil our cherished favorites as we traverse through this remarkable list of best views in the country of Lebanon:

1.    Baalbek – A Roman Marvel

Baalbek - views in the country of Lebanon
Baalbek – views in the country of Lebanon

After traveling to the east, we find ourselves at Baalbek, an archaeological marvel that is home to some of the Baalbek Roman ruins scenery that are the finest preserved in the world.

There are huge columns, complex carvings, and expansive courtyards that were previously used to stage large-scale festivities.

The details here are astonishing, and they are the best views for photography in Lebanon. The technical brilliance of the ancient world is on display in the form of the Temple of Bacchus, which is considered to be a masterpiece of Roman construction.

2.    Cedars of God – A Forest of Legends

Cedars of God - A Forest of Legends
Cedars of God – A Forest of Legends

Our travels lead us to the Bsharri area, where there is a forest full of old cedar trees known as the Cedars of God, panoramic views that are Lebanon’s breathtaking views.

These ancient behemoths have been there for millennia, which means they have seen a lot of history than are spectacular landscapes of Lebanon.

The awe-inspiring particulars include the roughness of the cedar bark, the interplay of light and shadow among the trees, and the vistas of Mount Lebanon blanketed in snow that can be seen in the distance.

This location perfectly captures Lebanon’s enduring spirit and majestic beauty.

3.    Harissa – A Serene Spectacle

Harissa - views in the country of Lebanon
Harissa – views in the country of Lebanon

The peaceful community of Harissa viewpoint Lebanon, which is nestled above the Keserwan Mountains, is where our journey will start.

The tall statue of the Virgin Mary, which provides visitors with a breathtaking view over both Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, is the most memorable feature of this picturesque location that makes it a Lebanon tourism destination.

The details are wonderful here, particularly during the golden hours of dawn and sunset, when the city lights shine below and provide a magnificent contrast against the lowering sky. Those are the hours when you should visit this location.

4.    Qadisha Valley – The Valley of Saints

Qadisha Valley - The Valley of Saints
Qadisha Valley – The Valley of Saints

As we go to the north, we come to the Qadisha Valley scenic beauty, which is a holy location that has significant historical and spiritual importance.

Hikers and anyone interested in history will find a lot to enjoy in this narrow canyon that the Qadisha River formed.

Hiking through its rocky terrain reveals a wealth of minute nuances, such as the smell of cedar trees, the sound of running water, and the sight of old monasteries clinging to the cliffs.

This valley is an exquisite example of nature’s artistry as a craftsman that is the Lebanon travel photography spots.

5.    Jeita Grotto – A Subterranean Wonderland

Jeita Grotto - views in the country of Lebanon
Jeita Grotto – views in the country of Lebanon

Our journey comes to an end at the enthralling Jeita Grotto natural wonders, an underground cave system that seems like it was taken straight from a storybook.

The complex intricacies, such as stalactites and stalagmites in a variety of extraordinary forms and sizes, come to life as you float through the glistening waters of the cavern on a boat, making it one of Lebanon’s picturesque sites.

The way light dances over the surface of the water conjures up a mystical atmosphere that makes for a one-of-a-kind and fascinating experience.

6.    Byblos Castle – a formidable medieval fortress

Byblos Castle - views in the country of Lebanon
Byblos Castle – views in the country of Lebanon

Byblos Castle, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the seaside town of Byblos in Lebanon, is a magnificent reminder and Lebanon’s scenic marvels of the area’s long and storied past.

This towering fortification was built in the 12th century and has a spectacular vantage point along the shore.

Walking up its weathered stone stairs is like stepping back in time into a place where the ghosts of long-gone cultures still linger.

At the peak of the castle, visitors are rewarded with a stunning panorama of the Mediterranean and a personal link to the past in a setting where history and nature blend in perfect harmony.

The Byblos Castle is more than just a building; it’s a portal to Lebanon’s historic history and breathtaking, captivating views, encouraging visitors to explore both.

7.    The Chouf Mountains- Cradle the Essence of Lebanon’s Natural Beauty

The Chouf Mountains - views in the country of Lebanon
The Chouf Mountains – views in the country of Lebanon

The Chouf Mountains are a Lebanon mountain viewpoint example of nature’s artistry, and they can be found right in the middle of Lebanon.

The craggy hills that surround these emerald-green valleys create a panorama that seems as if it was lifted straight from the pages of a storybook.

The golden light cast by the sun on these hills brings terraced fields to life. These fields are a living witness to the time-honored agricultural practices that have been passed down through the centuries.

Hiking through Lebanon’s most beautiful landscape will allow you to have a strong connection with the natural world as well as uncover secret communities and ancient ruins.

The Chouf Mountains are more than simply a location to visit; they are also a refuge for the spirit.

Here, the hustle and bustle of the contemporary world recede into the background as the majestic allure of Lebanon’s natural scenery takes center stage.

8.    Beirut Corniche- Rhythmic Pulse of the City

Beirut Corniche - views in the country of Lebanon
Beirut Corniche – views in the country of Lebanon

The compelling combination of bustling city life and the tranquility of the seaside can be found along the Beirut Corniche, which is the iconic scenic location in Lebanon and stretches along the edge of the Mediterranean.

This crowded promenade becomes a gathering area for residents as well as visitors as the sea wind sways through the palm palms.

You will be able to get a true taste of Beirut, a city in which modernity and tradition coexist in perfect harmony, here.

The Corniche is a dynamic canvas painted with the colors of Mediterranean blue and the vitality of a city that never sleeps.

From strolls with the sound of breaking waves as your soundtrack to colorful cafés and restaurants, the Corniche offers a little bit of everything.

It is the place from where one can see the sun setting over the horizon, listen to the repercussions of the past, and feel the pulse of Beirut, and all these cause it to become a must-see place spot in Lebanon.


Let us conclude by saying that Lebanon’s most breathtaking vistas provide more than simply stunning scenery; they serve as entry points to a region rich in natural marvels, history, and culture.

Views of this fascinating region may be had from a variety of locations, including the crumbling fortifications of Byblos Castle, the towering peaks of the Chouf Mountains, and the peaceful plains of Harissa.

Lebanon’s magnificent vistas beckon you to go off on a voyage of exploration, where ancient and modern splendors coexist in harmonic splendor.

Bring your sense of adventure and amazement with you, for Lebanon is a place where history and beauty meet at every turn.

So, in this article, we tried to discover Lebanon’s scenic wonders for you, and we hope that you enjoy our article.

Now let us know if you have the experience to travel to Lebanon.

Which one of these Lebanon’s beauty from above do you suggest to visit?

If you know more best views in the country of Lebanon, please share them with us in the comment section.

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