How Many Islands Are There in Indonesia How Many Islands Are There in Indonesia

how many islands in indonesia 2023

Have you ever been to Indonesia? Do you know anything about that that makes it bold for your mind? Would you go there if you ever get to?

How Many Islands Are There in Indonesia? This vast country is home to a stunning array of natural beauty and cultural diversity.

Indonesia is home to exciting animals, a tropical climate, new fruits, and lovely people, attracting millions of tourists yearly, but is that all?

There is one more element; tourists would get most influenced by, in this case, the countless islands of Indonesia.

Speaking of islands, on the atlases, Indonesia has formed from the unity of islands! So, how many islands are there in Indonesia?

how many islands in indonesia?

In this country, going to an island on summer vacation is not so weird; the landscape, sun exposure, and camping in the hub of the ocean are all the benefits!

And the good news is that to compare many destinations in other countries, Indonesia and its islands are way more affordable!

Apart from the financial side, the islands’ beauty is eye-catching the most! Even though there are so many other tropical regions in the world, here is different.

How many islands are there in Indonesia? Is that enough to fit all these tourists and local people? Can anyone visit them all?

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In the following, we will discuss the number of islands and answer some common questions that might trick your mind for a long time!

Introduction to Indonesia

How Many Islands Are There in Indonesia
How Many Islands Are There in Indonesia

To start our journey, let’s take a closer look at Indonesia! It is located in southeast Asia and contains many islands, but how many islands are there in Indonesia?

It is the 15th largest country in the world and fits 270 million people in itself, home to a tropical climate which is why there are so many animal and plant species.

The most populated island, as it’s expected, is right here in Indonesia, and it’s worth saying that the western half of the country is more crowded.

In the eastern part, you can find fewer islands, which most of them are even empty of residents! Knowing this can help visitors to choose their specific destination more accurately.

Count of islands

According to many sources, Indonesia is the largest archipelago nation in the world, but let’s dig more and discover how many islands there are in Indonesia!

The count of islands in Indonesia is never set to a specific number. However, it is somewhere between 17000 to 18500 Islands; interesting!

This number is not confirmed because it is vast, and reaching an exact number is impossible.

Condition is another factor that makes it hard to estimate the number of Indonesian islands; for example, imagine a rock visible only in low tide, is that considered an island?

Many agencies are releasing different numbers, relying on their standards and definitions of an island.

Do the people live on islands there?

Living on a rock surrounded by water is fantastic; do the Indonesians think the same?

Even though the number of islands in Indonesia has already been answered, it may seem shocking to know that not more than a few percent of islands are inhabited!

Many of them are too far to have any transportation and supply routes. They are primarily untouched and free of any human beings.

The other group is not suitable to live on, is too tiny or rocky, has frequent natural disasters, vulnerable to tidal changes, and needs more facilities and sources to live.

The most oversized island in Indonesia

The most oversized island in Indonesia
The most oversized island in Indonesia

Knowing how many islands there are in Indonesia is pretty great, but which one is the biggest? It might be easy to recognize the most significant piece of rock on the water, so let’s see.

Guinea New is by far the biggest and one of the main attractive islands in Indonesia! Many adventures decide to visit there; is that all because of its size?

Of course not; Guinea is considered a tropical paradise, sometimes even called the most beautiful part of the country.

Swimming, surfing, and looking for different plant and animal species are only a few reasons that show why here is super popular.

The smallest island in Indonesia

The smallest island in Indonesia
The smallest island in Indonesia

On the other hand, recording the smallest island in Indonesia can sometimes be even more complicated than knowing how many islands there are in Indonesia.

Simping Island, located in West Kalimantan, is known as the smallest island in the country and among the countless Indonesian islands.

This island is nothing more than a few trees on a small hill of sand, but that will never cause people to lose interest in seeing the little Simping.

Small islands always have their fans everywhere; laying down on the sand and counting starts is what many people cannot do in their homelands, which is why they find Simping worth visiting.

The most popular Indonesian island

The most popular Indonesian island
The most popular Indonesian island

The most visited island in the country is undoubtedly Bali, a popular location for filmmaking and honeymoon for many couples!

Many people who are determined to visit Indonesia do not honestly care about how many islands are there in Indonesia; they would like to visit Bali, that is all!

Before the pandemic, 6 million people visited these islands annually and enjoyed watching waterfalls, climbing volcanos, and local people’s cultures.

Even though it is crystal clear that Bali is the most excellent place in Indonesia and home to many beauty and wonders, it still needs to be qualified based on Western standards.

Bali has great potential to become the most fascinating natural place and pleasant tropical spot in Asia or the world.

Most populated island in Indonesia

Most populated island in Indonesia
Most populated island in Indonesia

Regarding the most populated island in Indonesia, it seems beyond your wildest dream to find almost half of the Indonesian living all on the same island!

How many islands are in Indonesia and how many people live on each of them are different questions. Still, to give you a better understanding, Java is one of the 18500 islands of Indonesia, which fits 145 million of the population.

It is mind-blowing to know Java is the densest island in the world and significantly developed the tourism industry.

Many mountains, beaches, volcanos, and waterfalls ensure everyone finds at least one thing to enjoy while staying in Java!

How to travel from one island to another?

Now that we know how many islands are in Indonesia, it is unsurprising to wonder how people can conveniently move between them.

The most used vehicles for the local people to get from one island to another are ferries, cruise ships, or airplanes.

Among these options, still, ferries are most preferred to use, but if someone needs to go to Bali, Java, or some other popular destinations, there is no need to worry; multiple public ferries, speedboats, and so on are going to serve.

Many nationwide airlines come at very affordable prices, considered an excellent option for moving between islands.

Lion Air and Wings Air are two of them which suggest flights domestic flights at low prices, but still many people might like to experience a journey using sheep and ferries!

Final words 

It was all anyone needed to know about Indonesia and its islands! The lively country, with warm and sunny beaches and the Komodo dragon!

Let’s get back to the main question, how many islands are there in Indonesia? You can take a guess and share it with others.

Which part of Indonesia did you like the most? Will you prefer to stay in the urban or go to a camp in nature? What do you think about its rare, tropical, and tasty fruits?

It is a great idea to have a trip to Indonesia; put it on your priority!


More questions

  • How many islands are in Indonesia?

    The answer depends on how you define an “island.” If you count only islands that are permanently above water, then there are about 13,466 islands in Indonesia. However, if you also count islands that are submerged at high tide, then there are over 17,000 islands

  • Which is the largest island in Indonesia?

    The largest island in Indonesia is Sumatra, with an area of 473,000 square kilometers. It is followed by Kalimantan (Borneo), with an area of 743,330 square kilometers, and Papua, with an area of 785,753 square kilometers.

  • What are the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia?

    Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia include Bali, Lombok, Java, and Sumatra. These islands offer a variety of attractions, including beaches, temples, volcanoes, and rainforests.

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