Are lakes in Serbia worth a visit Are lakes in Serbia worth a visit

Are lakes in Serbia worth a visit?

Serbia – Where is it? This is a Balkan country in the heart of Europe. Unfortunately, Serbia looks like a small piece of the giant European tapestry on a map!

But there is so much to see and show off, and some surprises in Serbia will delight even the pickiest of visitors.

Serbia has so much to offer tourists! You will be amazed by the beautiful castles, monasteries, lakes, and nature reserves.

They have amazing resorts if you love skiing or are looking for a relaxing spa experience. Don’t forget to explore towns with Roman heritage and indulge in delicious local cuisine.

Serbia is known for its sunny weather and friendly people, so be prepared for a warm and welcoming experience!

So, in this blog, let’s talk about our trip to Serbia, and for starters, we have a question for you: “Are lakes in Serbia worth a visit?”

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lakes in Serbia worth a visit and rivers in worth a visit

Serbia is such a beautiful country! It’s filled with stunning valleys, majestic mountains, and more.

It’s also home to a good number of lakes and rivers. Some are artificial, but we shouldn’t hold that against a body of water.

Well, each of these things has its unique story to tell, and believe it or not, some of them have even been supported by Nobel laureates! Pretty impressive, do you believe?

So, let’s continue to be familiar with these wonderful lakes and rivers in Serbia and see if they are worth a visit.

1.    Zaovine Lake

Zaovine Lake - lakes in Serbia worth a visit
Zaovine Lake – lakes in Serbia worth a visit

Did you know that Zaovine Lake is a beautiful artificial lake in the Tara Mountains in Serbia in the Middle West?

This is worth checking out! So, the Bajina Bata II reversible hydroelectric plant was built on the Baili Rzav River to serve as its reservoir.

This lake is amazing! It’s called the “Jewel of the Star” because it has five bays. We must say, it is one of the most beautiful and worthy lakes in Serbia to visit.

Did you know that the water is very clean? It’s true! It can also be used as drinking water after some treatment in water works.

The lake is great for growing carp and trout! It was also a wonderful place for people who love swimming to enjoy their holidays for years.

2.    Bor Lake

Bor Lake - lakes in Serbia worth a visit
Bor Lake – lakes in Serbia worth a visit

Bor Lake is an artificial lake located in the eastern region of Serbia. This lake in Serbia is stunning and the second worthy lake in Serbia to visit!

So, the lake was made in 1959 when they built a dam over Valja Dzoni, Marec, and part of Zlot (Zlotska reka). They did it to help out the mining and smelting company RTB Bor.

Bor Lake is such a popular spot for both tourists and locals! So, the Mining and Smelting Complex Bor uses the lake water for its rides, but they also use it to attract tourists.

During the summer, locals and tourists flock to this picture-perfect spot to soak up the beauty of the crystal-clear mountain waters. It’s just so refreshing and inviting!

These lakes appeal to swimmers because they can swim as much as they want and enjoy other fun activities.

They’ve built four absolutely attractive beaches and a few smaller ones on the lake’s shoreline. There are some great facilities for athletes to enjoy! They have football, volleyball, handball, basketball, and other sports options.

3.    Silver Lake

Silver Lake - lakes in Serbia worth a visit
Silver Lake – lakes in Serbia worth a visit

Lake Silver, also known as Srebrno Jezero, is an artificial lake and one of Serbia’s most popular tourist spots.

The distance to Belgrade is around 110 kilometers. In addition to the lake’s and coast’s outstanding natural beauty, tourists may enjoy the aqua park, several food choices, and playgrounds.

At sunset, the lake’s surface is so scorched that it seems like silver, even though it does not contain silver.

Known as “Silver Lake” currently, the car park and hotel debuted in Srebrno Jezero four decades ago. The “Serbian Silver Sea” was a popular destination for tourists and fishermen across Serbia.

The lake is 14 kilometers in length, 300 meters in breadth, and 8 meters deep. Water parks, tourist boats, docks, convention centers, sports venues, entertainment venues, and dining options await guests.

Danube cruises can be taken on a boat that visits Golubac Fortress, Ramski Fortress, and the mouth of the river Pek.

Travelers can also visit a river island in Moldova where 72 species of birds have been identified and a seaside village called Veliko Gradiste, where virtually every home serves as a tiny metal-products business.

Several important cultural and historical sites are located near Srebrno Jezero, including the 12th-century Raman stronghold, the Golubac castle, the Tuman Monastery, the Nimik Monastery, the Lepenski Vir archaeological site, and the Viminacium Archaeological site.

Silver Lake is perfect for a summer picnic, even when temperatures soar.

4.    Bešenovačko Lake

Besenovacko lake
Besenovacko lake

The little Beenovako Lake, also called Beli Kamen, may be found 30 kilometers from Novi Sad on the hills of Fruka Gora. This lake is one of the most beautiful and worthy lakes in Serbia to visit.

It’s a rare oasis since it exists in a place where nature and civilization can coexist. Beli kamen, or sometimes just Beenovo, is what the locals call this body of water. The city of Sremska Mitrovica is located 23 kilometers away.

On the site of a surface mine where limestone was removed to supply the demands of the cement plant in Beocin, a lake was formed in 2004 when an aquifer that inundated the deepest areas of the mine was severed. Eventually, a circular lake of 200 meters in circumference and 15 meters in depth appeared.

It was formerly a mine where marl ore was extracted, but now it is a beautiful blue lake surrounded by white stone.

Since it is stocked, people have picnics at Lake Beenovako rather than fish there. A wooden chapel, reminiscent of the one at the Beenovo monastery, is next to the lake. Anyone looking to cool down from the summer heat might find respite in this lake.

5.    Palic lake

Palic Lake - lakes in Serbia worth a visit
Palic Lake – lakes in Serbia worth a visit

Put another way, this lake should not be missed if you are planning a trip to Vojvodina. Located in Palic, one of northern Serbia’s most popular tourist spots, it is 8 kilometers from Subotica.

This lake is the largest one in Serbia that was created by nature. The water seems to have been first reported in the 15th century, and it wasn’t until much later that anybody realized it might be used to cure skin conditions medicinally.

It suggests that rheumatism, anxiety, gynecological imbalances, back pain, and bone pain may all be effectively treated at Palic Lake.

Locals and tourists go to the lake to soak in one of the many simple yet elegant spa baths and feel the therapeutic properties of the lake’s water firsthand.

Numerous summer residences and camps provide guests of all ages with convenient facilities and exciting activities. Various great sports and leisure facilities, such as football fields, basketball courts, jogging tracks, and swimming pools, are available to all visitors.

Along the lake’s edge are 17 kilometers of promenades where you can people-watch or go fishing. New hotels, restaurants, and smaller villas surround the lake, and the lively nightlife will be beyond your wildest dreams.

A major European Film Festival is held in Pali Lake during the summer. In July, many people in the film industry come together for the Pali Film Festival. The festival’s unique flavor comes from its focus only on European film and its presentation of cutting-edge works in a warm and inviting environment.

The nearby Zoo is great for families with young children since the animals are not caged but rather free to wander in fenced-off areas of the park. The local flora and animals are spectacular, even if you don’t go to the Zoo.

So, with all the details and features we discussed about this lake, you can see Palic Lake in Serbia worth visiting.


So, in summary, the lakes in Serbia are worth checking out if you enjoy breathtaking natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and a peaceful escape from the daily torture of busyness not in the a.

The lakes in Serbia are truly spectacular! These natural gemstones are just amazing! You are given the perfect opportunity to discover some of the country’s hidden treasures, and immersing yourself in the magnificent wildlife is a chance to add to the beauty surrounding us truly.

If you’re considering visiting Serbia, you should check out their amazing lakes. Trust us, they offer some truly one-of-a-kind experiences that you won’t want to miss.

So, let us know if you have the experience to travel to Serbia.

Did you visit the lakes there?

Finally, share your idea about the “Are lakes in Serbia worth a visit?” question.

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