Is Sweden worth visiting Is Sweden worth visiting

Is Sweden Worth Visiting? (+ 8 Reasons )

Have you ever wondered what the Scandinavian countries look like? Is Sweden worth visiting? Or how it feels to walk through the forests and breath in the cold weather of Stockholm?

Sweden has been home to Vikings for years, where people believe in Valhalla and worship Odin, nowadays become one of the happiest countries in the world.

The low crime rate, nice weather and long days in Summers, great nature, and polite people are only a few advantages any visitor can take!

In this essay, you get to know Sweden more thoroughly and see if it is worth visiting!

Is Sweden Worth Visiting? 

Many people have never seen snow in their lifetime! Visiting Sweden can perfectly suit them since one-quarter of the country is always covered in snow, any day of the year!

Low temperatures, short days, cloudy grey skies in many seasons, and high expenses are another side of living in Sweden that local people deal with yearly.

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But what about a short-term trip? Is Sweden worth visiting? What are the reasons and interests for tourists who come around and take a look at there?

You can answer all these questions by following the essay and checking on the reasons! Let’s get started.

·        Winter sports

Winter sports in sweden
Winter sports in sweden

Attention adventures, athletes, and winter lovers visiting Sweden in the cold seasons of the year can give you one of the most memorable and adrenaline-release trips ever!

Unsurprisingly, winter sports are far more popular in the country than soccer, volleyball, or other sports.

Swedish love their hockey team and would never lose any opportunity to support it! It can be one of the best places to hang out with locals to see if Sweden is worth visiting.

Besides, Sweden is home to various ski resorts; therefore, if you want to challenge yourself and try new things, you can go for many newly invented winter sports here!

Curling, ice fishing, skating, and iceboating are some of the unique sports fields in Sweden that usually have their fans and fame among local people.

·        Many beautiful cities

Many beautiful cities in Sweden
Many beautiful cities in Sweden

You know enough about Stockholm, so let’s cross it off and move to other fantastic towns of Sweden you might have heard less of.

Visby is close to Stockholm; a ferry can arrive in 5 hours. It is the best medieval town in good shape! And it contains a famous wall made in the 13th to 14th centuries.

Still, dealing with whether Sweden is worth visiting or not? Visit Ystad! Another colorful small city that has the Swedish spirit all over it! What makes it bold? The colorful tiny, and cute houses.

Uppsala is the 4th biggest city in Sweden and has so many tourist attractions in history and natural ways!

For example, the Cathedral built in 1272 and the Pink Castle in 1549 are two of the best destinations for those who prefer history over everything!

·        Local cuisines

Local cuisines-Is Sweden Worth Visiting
Local cuisines-Is Sweden Worth Visiting

Among European meals, Swedish foods are not as popular and well-known as French or Italian ones, but it does not mean it has nothing to offer!

Is Sweden worth visiting? If you enjoy eating local cakes and candies, there is no better place to go rather than here in Sweden.

Smörgåstårta is a typical cake that many people are in love with! It has no restricted recipe; you can use many ingredients depending on your flexibility.

Lemon slices, egg, grape, cold cuts, and smoked salmon are only a few items but do not judge it before you have a piece.

Schnapps and Glógg are two of the best alcoholic drinks here in Sweden, and almost no visitor lost it!

·        Several festivals & concerts

Several festivals & concerts in Sweden
Several festivals & concerts in Sweden

Sweden has many famous musicians worldwide due to Swedish people’s love of music and dancing!

If you have found yourself in Stockholm or Gutenberg in the summer, always win the Summerburst Festival, one of the greatest electronic music festivals in the country each year.

In conclusion, many musicians worldwide would attend to perform their music and join the crew.

Is Sweden also worth visiting for those who prefer classic and jazz music? Totally! Dalhalla is here to meet your needs.

From June until October, it is home to many concerts! In Dalhalla, a theater is next to a lake with an open roof.

·        Sámi people

Sámi people - Is Sweden Worth Visiting
Sámi people – Is Sweden Worth Visiting

Speaking of native people might remind you of people away from modernism, living in small groups in the hub of Africa or South America, but Sweden has its own!

They are called Sámi and live in northern Sweden, still keeping their language and light-colored clothes, which are about twenty thousand people from ten million Swedish.

In other countries with the same climate, like Finland, Russia, and Norway, you can see more of them living in groups, choosing colder places to live.

To meet new men, Sweden is worth visiting! Sámi people used to hunt; however, in the 17th century, they started to turn herd reindeer into their primary business.

But today, you can see them mainly in the fishing and tourism industry, which is fantastic.

·        Breathtaking mountains and nature

mountains - Is Sweden Worth Visiting
mountains – Is Sweden Worth Visiting

Forests have covered more than 60 percent of Sweden’s area, which is one of the main reasons many people think Sweden is worth visiting!

This number of forests is second after Finland, with the most forests in Europe.

Although Sweden has the highest number of islands, more than any other country, another bright side shows here is unique.

It has many mountains and nearly 100000 lakes! You can find the best of them in the north of Gothenburg, where people like swimming and fishing.

Local people are perfectly attached to their natural places! They have the expression “Allemansrätten,” which means you are free to come over to Sweden in summer, place a camp where ever you would like, and enjoy!

·        Northern lights

Northern lights - Is Sweden Worth Visiting
Northern lights – Is Sweden Worth Visiting

If you are interested in photography, you should have noticed that Sweden is undoubtedly worth visiting!

You can find something good to take a shot almost everywhere, but there is one extraordinary element, and many people travel miles to see it, northern lights.

From September until March, there is a high chance of seeing northern lights in the Sweden sky, especially in the Kiruna, which is one of the best places for visiting this event.

Many people will stare at the sky for hours and not go to sleep till one of them appear, and they can take a photo or spend that moment by the side of their loved ones.

·        Visiting arctic animals

Visiting arctic animals in Sweden
Visiting arctic animals in Sweden

To answer the question, is Sweden worth visiting? You need to answer are you in love with animals? In the first place!

This country is undoubtedly home to many unique animals; it has even animals you could not find anywhere else!

The most unique species is the white moose, primarily found in Sweden, although it has rarely been seen in Canada and Alaska.

European elks, arctic foxes, and lynxes are some other great animals you can find across Sweden.

Among them, lynxes are the rearrest, considered the most giant wild feline in Europe too!

Final words 

Climbing the snowy mountains in winter and experiencing many festivals in summer are the majority of favorite activities for visitors in Sweden.

According to many sources and people, not only is Sweden worth visiting, but it is also one of the top destinations in Europe and the world.

What do you think about that? Is Sweden qualified enough to be titled the best destination in Europe? What about the fact that people can speak English there very well?

You can share your ideas, experiences, or funny memories in the comment section! Go ahead.

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