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Wonders of the Coldest Place in Sweden

Journey to the “Coldest Place in Sweden” and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing winter wonderland, where icy landscapes evoke awe-inspiring with us to answer the “what are the coldest place in Sweden” question together.

What is the coldest place in Sweden?

Sweden, one of Europe’s northernmost countries, has much going for it, but it has yet to be known for its beaches or sun. However, it still attracts visitors.

Sweden has several coastal islands, boreal woods, glacial mountains, and stunning northern lights spots. Despite common opinion, this country has more than simply snow and ice. In addition, it has abundant flora, warmth, and wintry vistas.

However, we are here to discuss the coldest places in Sweden, all of which hold significant value for those with the courage and adequate preparation to explore them.

Let us ascertain the locations that offer a cold climate and identify regions that should be avoided by individuals who do not prefer subzero temperatures.

So, if you are ready to know more about Sweden, be with us to answer the “what are the coldest place in Sweden” question together.

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+ 7 coldest places in Sweden

As mentioned in this article, we discussed the coldest places in Sweden.

However, winters are predominantly characterized by low temperatures. The average temperatures range from -3 degrees Celsius in the southern regions to -10 degrees Celsius in the northern regions.

In nearly all geographical areas, temperatures have the potential to decrease significantly below the freezing point, resulting in the occurrence of snowfall regularly.

The duration and intensity of winter exhibit regional variations, wherein northern regions typically experience longer and colder winters.

Well, with that said, let’s be familiar with the places.

1.    Nordero

Nordero coldest place in Sweden
Nordero coldest place in Sweden

The first cold place in Sweden on our list is Nordero, located in the same area as Lovtorpet; However, on an entirely different island, it is slightly warmer than Lovtorpet (by an average of 0.01).

Nordero offers a beautiful destination for individuals seeking a cold island retreat, boasting picturesque forests and an encompassing coastline that spans 360 degrees. This combination renders Nordero an exceptionally outstanding choice.

Also, Nordero is located within Storsjön, which is recognized as the fifth largest lake in the country and is situated near the picturesque city of Östersund in the eastern direction.

Moreover, it is widely recognized as a prime location for observing reindeer and moose. Remember to bring your camera and take advantage of the opportunity to experience genuine log cabin accommodations and engage in wilderness camping during the warmer seasons.

2.    Holmon

Holmon coldest place in Sweden
Holmon coldest place in Sweden

In this part, let’s be familiar with the second cold place in Sweden, Holmon, located in the Kvarken Straits in the Gulf of Bothnia between Sweden and Finland.

The region encompasses Sweden’s most extensive wildlife and archipelago sanctuary, renowned for its suitability for sunbathing on the rocky beaches along its coastlines.

Surprisingly, considering the cold winter temperatures it endures, visiting Holmon cannot be an unfavourable proposition, given its frequent designation as “the sunniest island in Sweden.”

The archipelago comprises 75 permanent inhabitants, making it an ideal secluded retreat destination. Furthermore, the majority of its landmass is predominantly dedicated to nature reserves.

The primary island within the group, Holmon, is predominantly characterized by a dense spruce forest.

However, the landscape is also marked by verdant, expansive fields that intermittently break the continuity of the forested areas, delineated by slender strips of woodland.

The town center offers extensive amenities, including grocery stores, bars, a library, and advanced postal services.

3.    Hornefors

Hornefors coldest place in Sweden
Hornefors coldest place in Sweden

Hornerfors is also located close to Umea, the third coldest place in Sweden on this list. With a population of just around 2,500, it is small even by rural Swedish standards, yet, its reputation as a fun place to visit is well-deserved.

The area has two museums, various routes for hiking and biking outdoors, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as “The High Coast.”

Feeling adventurous?

Brave the sea breezes and go to the beach; if you’re in the area, check out the Kamratvallen stadium or the enchanted Skuggteatern theatre.

However, the average daily temperature in this seaside town is similar to that of Skalmodalen. It’s best to arrive prepared for the freezing temperatures. 

Holmon, the largest island in the chain, is mainly covered in spruce forest, with rich open meadows dotting the landscape and small patches of woods providing visual breaks. You may find everything from pubs and restaurants to a library and cutting-edge postal services in the heart of town.

4.    Fattjaur 

Fattjaur coldest place in Sweden
Fattjaur coldest place in Sweden

Fattjaur, a geographical region situated in the mid-western interior of Sweden near the Norwegian border, experiences subzero temperatures for approximately 78 percent of the annual duration.

Winter vacations cannot get much colder than this. Prepare your most insulated garments, secure reservations for comfortable lodging, immerse yourself in the inherent splendour of the destination, and express gratitude to us later.

The region offers limited recreational options, yet it serves as an ideal stopover for individuals exploring other parts of Sweden or as a dynamic hub for engaging in wilderness expeditions, provided that one has secured the services of a dependable guide.

With all these tips, Fattjaur is the other cold place in Sweden.

5.    Boden

Boden coldest place in Sweden
Boden coldest place in Sweden

Boden encompasses a considerably broader geographical area surrounding the coastal municipality of Lulea, representing nearly the northernmost expanse of shoreline in Sweden. Boden is one of the coldest places in Sweden.

Following Kiruna, the town in question represents the second-largest settlement in northern Sweden’s interior.

Its establishment dates back to the 1800s, primarily as a railway junction connecting the Northern and iron ore lines.

The region boasts a highly esteemed fortress constructed when Sweden perceived Russia as a potential threat from the eastern direction.

Originally consisting of only seven residential dwellings, the locality above has gradually transformed into an urban center.

This urban status persisted until the year 1971, at which point it transitioned into a municipal entity.

Boden, a town with a historical association with the military, is renowned as the birthplace of the renowned Falkniven knives.

6.    Skaulo 

Skaulo coldest place in Sweden
Skaulo coldest place in Sweden

With a population of merely 142 individuals, Skaulo can be characterized as a non-hectic urban center, contributing to its distinctive allure.

For individuals seeking unspoiled natural surroundings and charming accommodations, the highly regarded camping experience in Skaulo, accompanied by frigid temperatures as low as 25.5 degrees Fahrenheit, presents an ideal opportunity for a comfortable retreat.

Skaulo is widely recognized as being among the most frigid locations in Sweden. So, all the data shows it can be Sweden’s coldest place.

The reason for this is its geographical location near the country’s northernmost point, its adjacency to the borders of Finland and Norway, and its snow-covered mountains.

Are you searching for a tranquil vacation in a cold and frosty destination?

There is no need to search any further. Skaula offers captivating hiking routes and the possibility of ice skating on frozen lakes in the nearby Galliväre area, making it a potential winter paradise.

7.    Lovtorpet 

Lovtorpet coldest place in Sweden
Lovtorpet coldest place in Sweden

Lovtorpet, located in Sweden, exhibits a mean temperature of approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit, with minimum temperatures reaching the late 20s.

Consequently, while it surpasses the freezing point by a few degrees, it remains among the most frigid regions within the country.

Located northwest of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, Lovtorpet is situated on a sizable inland island within a lake.

While it may not boast a bustling atmosphere, its geographical features are undeniably impressive, and the surrounding landscapes offer ample opportunities for exploration.

The towns of Valla, Uppsala, Tang, Sveg, and Stroemsund, located within the scenic lake region of Sweden, offer significant value for exploration.

Moreover, a nearby airport, situated 20 minutes from these towns, facilitates convenient access for visitors.


Sweden, officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Nordic nation on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe.

Sweden shares its borders with Norway to the west and north, Finland to the east, and is linked to Denmark in the southwest through a bridge tunnel known as the Öresund.

This country has many places that are so cold, and everyone interested in travelling to this country or deciding to stay there should know.

So, we have prepared a list of the coldest places in Sweden that we suggest you read. We hope that all data be beneficial for you.

Now you tell us that did you travel to Sweden?

Do you want more information about Sweden and the coldest places in this country?

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