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10 of the Best banks in Sweden

Sweden is famous for having a strong economy, a highly innovative financial sector, and being dedicated to developing digital technologies.

Choosing the right beach is a big deal in Scandinavia! It can greatly impact your finances and how easy banking is for you.

If you live in Sweden, whether as a resident, expatriate, or business owner, you will find the best banks in Sweden have a variety of services and benefits to meet your financial needs.

In this search, we will dive into the resources and considerations that can help you answer this question: “What are the best banks in Sweden?”

We make sure it matches your specific financial needs and goals. Let’s get started!

The best banks in Sweden

Did you know that there are over 114 banks in Sweden? It’s so amazing! Even more interestingly, the four largest Swedish banks account for more than 80% of all assets in the banking sector.

So, the banking system is divided into four parts. We have commercial, foreign, savings, and cooperative banks.

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The Swedish banking system is stable. This is because they have a stable business model and low-interest rates. These factors contribute to strong profitability and positive assets.

1.    ICA Banken

ICA Banken in sweden
ICA Banken in sweden

Did you know that ICA Braden Bank is located in Solna, Sweden? They have 713,000 customers served.

Additionally, the company offers consumers personal and commercial banking services and has about 356 employees.

So, the bank started offering private commercial banking services in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2015 that they started through insurance services provided, thanks to ICA Insurance.

ICA Braden Bank began operations in 2022, and of course, ICA is a subsidiary of Gruppen AB! They are retail chains that primarily focus on providing food and healthcare products and services.

So basically, this bank has come up with a system that makes it super easy for ICA to help their customers across the country, and these features make it the best bank in Sweden. In the process, ICA Braden Bank ends up making more money.

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Avanza Bank in sweden
Avanza Bank in sweden

Alas, Avanza Bank was founded back in 1999! Unfortunately, the bank is located in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

By the way, the bank has a pretty small team, with less than a thousand people working here and there.

So, did you know that Avanza Bank makes over $100 million a year? Get this: their combined assets exceed $10 billion!

Avanza Bank is well known for its amazing customer service, and this feature causes it to become one of the best banks in Sweden!

Wow, this superb project is so amazing that it won the annual award over a decade in a row! Avanza Bank is about making banking and access to banking products easy for our customers.

We always strive to make it as easy as possible for you! We should mention that Avanza Bank is owned by a large financial institution called Avanza Group.

It’s so interesting how they have such a connection. So, this organization has several other financial institutions in Sweden.


Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

3.    Danske Bank

Danske Bank in sweden
Danske Bank in sweden

How can we help you today? By its founding in 1937, Danske Bank was another scaled-down bank.

Unfortunately, when the bank first opened, it had a different name. The organization has undergone many changes, so different names were mentioned at different times.

Danske Bank is one of the biggest banks in Sweden! Compared to other funds in the industry, its assets are really expensive.

This bank differs from others because it offers its customers various financial services.

Sure! We offer a range of services, including account services, loans, mortgages, insurance, personal banking, and asset management, and we also offer convenient modern banking services like online and mobile banking.

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4.    Westra Wermlands Sparbank

Westra Wermlands Sparbank in sweden
Westra Wermlands Sparbank in sweden

Westra Wermlands Sparbank was founded in 1856 and is one of the oldest financial institutions in Sweden.

The banking sector caters to the financial needs of thousands of customers. It offers a full range of banking products and services, including savings and bank accounts, debit and credit cards, loans, and retirement plans. Although Westra Wermlands Sparbank was acquired by the Swedbank Group in 1998, it continues to trade under its name.

Since then, the bank has hired hundreds more employees. Since its founding in the 19th century, the bank has been at the forefront of long-term customer support, delivering tremendous growth for local businesses.

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Headquarters: Vastra Torggatan 1, 671 21 Arvika, Sweden

5.    Carnegie Investment Bank

Carnegie Investment Bank in sweden
Carnegie Investment Bank in sweden

Carnegie Investment Bank is one of Sweden’s best and oldest banks, opening in 1803. Many locations are found in the Nordic countries.

With the acquisition of HQ Bank and HQ Funder in 2001, Carnegie Bank established itself as a leading bank in the region.

The bank is a reliable source of private equity, investment banking, and securities trading and has stood the test of time.

Carnegie Bank is headquartered in Stockholm. However, it is also widely available in other Nordic countries.

It is also very popular in the financial centers of London, New York, and Luxembourg. The bank has also established a strong reputation in wealth management, equities, trading, and investment advisory areas.

The Swedish government took over Carnegie Investment Bank in 2008. The recent financial crisis necessitated these measures.

2009 Bureau Equity and Altor Equity Partners formed a joint venture with the fund. As a result of the deal, the bank is once again one of the key players in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

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Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

6.    Forex Bank

Forex Bank in sweden
Forex Bank in sweden

Because it has specialized in currency exchange services since 1927, this bank is the largest in Sweden. So, the bank has 110 branches spread out all over the place.

It’s not just limited to one country. It’s present in three other countries too! These countries are Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

In 2003, they began offering more than just forex exchange. They added services like current and savings accounts, internet and mobile banking, loans, debit and credit cards, money transfers, cash handling, and payments.

Did you know that the Friberg family owns Forex Bank? They’ve done a great job expanding their services to neighboring countries, too, and by the way, the bank has these convenient outlets in airports and train stations.

So, if you’re traveling, finding one nearby is super easy.

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7.    Resursbank

Resursbank in sweden
Resursbank in sweden

Providing customer-focused retail banking, Resursbank has been operating since 1927. The Helsingborg-based bank currently employs approximately 926 people and has a large presence in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, as well as consumer debt.

Through this division, Resursbank offers the following essential banking products and services exclusively to its customers:


  1. Unsecured loans.
  2. Sales-based economy.
  3. Merchant payment processing services.
  4. Loyalty.
  5. Credit card systems.

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8.    Bank of Land Plc

Banking activities in Finland and Sweden are provided by the Bank of Land Plc, an important commercial bank established in 1942, and it is the other best bank in Sweden.

The bank also has its headquarters in Finland, which is not land the bank’s existing stocks gained public access in 1942 when it was first written.

The bank employs more than 600 people in locations around the world. Bank of Land plc was founded in 1919, a full decade before it was officially traded on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. In March 2009, the bank gained a foothold in Sweden by acquiring Kaupthing Bank Sverige AB.

These financial institutions cater to affluent clients, including individuals and corporations. However, its services are available for commercial and commercial purposes.

Wealth management is another service offered by the bank. This bank has earned a solid reputation because of its dedicated customers. Its operations are stable, and its loan loss ratio is low.

9.    Nordnet Bank

Nordnet Bank in sweden
Nordnet Bank in sweden

Did you know that Nordnet Bank is actually located in Sweden and is also one of the best banks in Sweden? They have a team of over 400 people working for them in Sweden and other countries!

The fund is also quite large in Finland, Denmark, and Norway. Did you know that Nordnet Bank started as a broker?

But now, they have expanded their services into a full-fledged bank, offering investment, lending, savings, and pension services in Sweden and elsewhere.

In 2016, the bank had $48.7 billion in assets and $147.6 million in cold cash. Wow, in June 2020, Digital Bank made a huge profit after tax of SEK 301.9 million!

That’s a whopping 311% increase compared to the year before.

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10. Swedbank


Swedbank is Sweden’s best financial institution that operates exclusively in the Nordic-Baltic region. To open an account with this bank, you must provide a passport or proof of employment or registration, such as a certificate.

This is important (it is a prerequisite for opening an account in any financial institution). Swedbank has locations in almost every major city.

With this bank, you can do your routine banking from any computer anytime. You can make payments or check your balance online or using a mobile device.

When considering the best bank in Sweden, consider the specific services you need, availability through branches or digital channels, fees, interest rates, the bank’s reputation for customer service, and financial stability.

Your choice also depends on whether you prefer traditional self-banking or a great digital and mobile banking experience.

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In the end,

In summary, there are Swedish banks, each with its products and offerings. The best Swedish bank depends on your circumstances, personal preferences, and long-term financial goals.

The Swedish banking industry can serve diverse customers, from human families to corporations and investors, thanks to the country’s extensive branch network, state-of-the-art digital banking technology, and the ability to meet specific financial needs. Before deciding on a bank, it’s important to do your homework, considering your personal needs and the bank’s accessibility, fees, online banking capabilities, customer service, and financial well-being.

You can start a productive banking relationship in Sweden that helps you achieve your financial goals by carefully analyzing and aligning these concepts with your financial goals.

In the final part of the article, we want you to share your ideas and answer this question by your choice based on the data we offered during the article: “What are the best banks in Sweden?”

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