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10 Best Places to Live in Serbia

Best Places to Live in Serbia (All Travelers Should Know)

Europe is a continent that has been praised for its breathtaking natural landscapes, rich history, and diverse cultures.

Among the many beautiful countries that make up Europe, Serbia stands out as a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Whether it is long-term immigration, a university scholarship, or a sudden decision to live in a high-standard country with a pretty nature and huge castles, you need to raise your geographical information to have a better experience.

Follow us for a quick visit to the best places to live in Serbia.

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10 Best & top places in Serbia to Live

Living in a beautiful European country like Serbia can excite you.

From its majestic mountains to charming towns and cities, Serbia offers visitors a unique experience that is hard to forget.

Serbia is a vast country, but where are you planning to stay?

Here are 10 of the best places to live in Serbia:

1.   Belgrade

Belgrade Places to Live in Serbia
Belgrade Places to Live in Serbia

The ideal place to live in any country is its capital, so why not? It contains 3.6 percent of the area and 15 percent of the population, making it one of Southeast Europe’s biggest cities.

You will find summers busy and packed with tourists and winters a little cold but still beautiful.

What puts Belgrade at the top of the best places to live in Serbia differs for anyone; that means you will see festivals, churches, museums, etc.

It is famous for having great nightlife, people on the streets, music streaming in coffee places, and open malls would confirm the high security of Belgrade.

2.   Novi Sad

Novi Sad Places to Live in Serbia
Novi Sad Places to Live in Serbia

Don’t let the “sad” part of its name make you think you will have a sad stay! This city, also known as the City of Youth, has a very important economy and is one of the top places to live in Serbia.

Novi Sad is lying on the riverbanks of the Danube. It’s where the nice architecture of old buildings, modern amusements, and music surround you.

In the hub of the Novi Sad, you will find the “Liberty Square,” which is venerable to the local people.

It is located in the north part of the country and is the second greatest city after Belgrade in Serbia.

3.   Nis

Nis Places to Live in Serbia
Nis Places to Live in Serbia

If you are ever interested in the Roman and Byzantine empires, Nis can be the best place to live in Serbia due to its prominent historical role.

Unlike the fact that it is an important industrial center, it is not expensive to live in, so what are you waiting for? Check on the website and be there on the next flight!

An international Jaz music festival attracts many local people and tourists yearly.

Nis is a strategic city because it connects Europe and Asia through the railway and highway.

To sum up, if you are looking for a cheap, traditional, and strategic place to start your adventure, Nis is the best.

4.   Subotica

Subotica Places to Live in Serbia
Subotica Places to Live in Serbia

Every country has a city where you can find the local people belonging to different cultural environments; Subotica is such a place that among the 10 of the best places to live in Serbia.

Most residents are Hungarians, and you can find them almost everywhere.

Although English is common in Serbia, in Subotica, schools teach in Hungarian and Croatian besides Serbian.

Various music, folk, and movie festivals can easily meet your expectations.

Suppose you are worried about getting homesick or tolerating the new condition, wondering if there is any place to meet other foreigners. In that case, there is nowhere to go for you than Subotica; trust me!

5.   Pancevo

Pancevo Places to Live in Serbia
Pancevo Places to Live in Serbia

Have you ever wished to live in a paradise-look, natural place? In that case, I offer you to choose Pancevo from the list of best places to live in Serbia.

There is nothing magical about this city, the green and blue appearance which you can see is a result of the surrounding water!

The most important event, an annual international carnival, and a parade would inspire everyone, including you, to visit Pancevo.

Laying down on the Bela Stena shell in the summer and being exposed to sunshine is another advantage of living there, which local people would never lose.

6.   Kraljevo

Kraljevo Places to Live in Serbia
Kraljevo Places to Live in Serbia

This city is named Kraljevo, “The King’s Town”, located just in the country’s center where you can find numerous medieval monasteries that make it the best place to live in Serbia.

It might be a small city, but it doesn’t mean you cannot experience enough joy; the Maglic Fortress, Ibar River, and tons of other tourist attractions item in this city would strongly prove it deserves its name!

In Kraljevo, everyone is waiting to see the annual regatta “Joyful Descend”.

Knowing how to swim is essential since the waterways and rivers here are irresistible; take a quick look at them, and you will be down for summer rafting and other adventures!

7.   Novi Pazar

Novi Pazar Places to Live in Serbia
Novi Pazar Places to Live in Serbia

This one is the one in which tourists buy whatever they want to remind great memories of visiting Serbia.

Considering its dynamic nightlife, affordable restaurants, and cafés, there is no way to cross it off from the best places to live in Serbia!

Thanks to the perfect manufacturing traditions, the Novi Pazar is the center of textiles in the whole country.

Are you looking for popular Western brands? Just hit one of the giant malls you see; it’s covered.

Shopping centers draw attention initially, but you will find plenty of universities and lively student life.

8.   Jagodina

Jagodina Places to Live in Serbia
Jagodina Places to Live in Serbia

If you have ever seen a colorful, attractive city in the center of Serbia, that’s Jagodina. Undoubtedly cause, this city is one of the best places to live in Serbia.

The third greatest zoo in the country is located in this city; it amazes anyone who cares to visit and lets them enjoy watching almost 100 different animal species.

Jagodina has the largest artificial waterfall in the Balkans, which fits well with many theaters you might face off and on.

What do you think about winters? If you include the group of people who can’t stand the cold winters and possibly its following air pollution, you may need to reconsider it!

9.   Leskovac

Leskovac Places to Live in Serbia
Leskovac Places to Live in Serbia

This place suits those who have specifically selected Serbia to taste its foods, especially meat.

Here you can enjoy hosting an annual Grill Festival and have the finest meat in the country cooked based on a secret recipe protected by local people!

Food is not the only factor that convinces me to suggest Leskovac as one of the best places to stay in Serbia, visiting pure nature is what you can do all over the country but in this city it’s a bit different.

One of the rarest geographical phenomena, “Punjab,” or the meeting point of five rivers, is already happening in this city; visiting it is not a waste of time!

10. Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci Places to Live in Serbia
Sremski Karlovci Places to Live in Serbia

It is not a city you can find lots of people who can speak English but does a bottle of tasty wine make it up to you?

Sremski Karlovci is the number one and best place to live in Serbia for viniculture and sending the tastiest wine all across the country.

It’s got a humid climate which we are still determining is the best, but compared to the other part of the country, it makes this place bold.

We suggest you visit it if you enjoy living in a culturally humid, wonderful place where you can always access a fresh bottle of wine.

Let’s recap about Best Places to Live in Serbia

Immigration is a big decision to make, and you need to research way more than reading just an essay, but once you are certain of moving, pick one of the best places to live in Serbia, referred to earlier, and pack up.

Remember, where you want to go has disadvantages; it’s about where you can adapt easily and your main interests.

Maybe it’s a good idea to have a trip to the list of cities you count on to stay in for a lifetime and interact with local people before immigration.

What is your idea regarding the best places to live in Serbia?

Do you have any experience with it?

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