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Things to do in Portugal (All You Should Know)

Portugal is a nation in southwest Europe, bordered by Spain to the northern and eastern parts and the Atlantic Ocean to the western and southern sections.

Portugal has a vibrant culture, beautiful architecture, and a history that goes back to prehistoric times. It is a well-liked vacation location all year round thanks to its Mediterranean environment, which features mild winters and balmy summers.

Portugal has something to offer, whether you’re seeking a cultural encounter, an outdoor adventure, or a gourmet treat.

To aid you in making the most of your exploration and fully experiencing Portugal, we will review some exciting things to do in Portugal throughout this article.

Top 5 things to do in Portugal

When you travel to Portugal, you can enjoy many things ranging from food and wine to spectacular views of beaches and historical sites.

However, you might need clarification about which ones are my cap of the tea!

Because you have planned a trip and have little time to do all the best things in Portugal!

In the following, we envisage introducing you top 5 the best things to do in Portugal so that all tourists can adjust their time to enjoy their trip.

Keep with us to make your trip extraordinary!

1.    Explore historic cities

Explore historic cities
Explore historic cities

The country of Portugal is home to several ancient cities that are rich in both culture and history. So you should take advantage of these historical cities we suggest below!

·         Lisbon city

One of the most frequented places to visit in Portugal is Lisbon, the country’s capital and largest metropolis.

The city has quaint neighborhoods, historic landmarks, and restaurants that provide delectable cuisine.

It would help if you visited the Sao Jorge Castle, the Jeronimos Monastery, and the Belem Tower.

·         Porto city

Another well-liked vacation location in Portugal is the city of Porto, which is famous for its centuries-old town, wine cellars, and breathtaking vistas of the Douro River.

Numerous well-known landmarks, including the Clérigos Tower and the Ribeira area, can be found inside the municipal limits.

Take a trip down the riverbank and indulge in some regional specialties, such as the Francesinha sandwich, which is renowned worldwide.

·         Coimbra

Coimbra is another city in Portugal that should be noticed, particularly by those interested in history and culture.

It was established in the 13th century, making it one of the universities in Europe with the most extended history.

A superb example of baroque architecture may be seen within the university library, contributing to the city’s reputation as an architectural wonder.

2.    Enjoy the beaches 

Enjoy the beaches
Enjoy the beaches one of best things to do in Portugal

The beaches of Portugal are renowned for their beauty and are considered among the very best in all of Europe.

One of the most fantastic things to do in Portugal that absorb people to the country is its beaches.

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·         The Algarve region’s beaches

The Algarve region, located in the southern part of the country, is home to several of Portugal’s most well-known beaches.

You may take advantage of some of the most stunning beaches in the area, like Praia da Rocha, Praia da Marinha, and Praia do Vau, to name just a few. Visiting these beaches is among the most exciting things to do in Portugal.

There are some beautiful beaches in the Alentejo region of Portugal, which may be found to the north of the Algarve region.

·         Comporta Beach

Comporta Beach, close to the Troia Peninsula, is a popular destination for residents and visitors.

The beach is well-known for the dazzling clarity of its seas and the brilliant whiteness of its sand.

·         The Azores Islands

The Azores Islands are an excellent option for a more isolated destination.

The islands are well-known for their magnificent beaches, rough terrain, and natural hot springs that can be seen on them.

·         Praia do Fogo

Praia do Fogo, which you can visit in Sao Miguel, is an absolute must-see because of its dark sand and breathtaking surroundings.

3.    Try the local cuisine

Try the local cuisine
Try the local cuisine

The exquisite cuisine of Portugal, which draws inspiration from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, is one of the reasons the country is so well-known, and it can be a delicious thing to do in Portugal.

In Portuguese cuisine, seafood is a fundamental ingredient; some of the most memorable meals are grilled sardines, the salad of octopus, and codfish, just a few examples.

Dishes made with meat, such as the classic stew Cozido à Portuguesa and the grilled beef steak Picanha, are also trendy.

In addition, the nation is well-known for its sweets, like the famous Pastel de Nata, a custard pastry that was first created in Lisbon.

Other sweets in Portugal include the rice pudding known as Arroz Doce and the caramel pudding known as Pudim Abade de Prascos.

If you are looking for something to drink, you must take advantage of the opportunity to taste the Port wine made in the region known as the Douro Valley.

The area is also famous for its beautiful scenery, making it an excellent location for a day trip or a more extended stay.

4.    Explore nature one of best things to do in Portugal 

Explore nature
Explore nature

Because it has many stunning natural parks and reserves, Portugal is an excellent vacation location for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

·         Peneda-Geres National Park

One of the most well-known places for outdoor recreation is the Peneda-Geres National Park, which is in the northern part of the country.

The park features abundant waterfalls, hiking paths, and breathtaking panoramas.

·         Arrabida Natural Park

Another fantastic location for those who enjoy being outside is the Arrabida Natural Park, which can be found close to Lisbon.

Arrabida Natural Park is home to many flora and species, some of which are threatened with extinction, such as the Iberian Lynx.

You can explore the park on foot, by bicycle, or by boat and participate in rock climbing, birdwatching, and hiking.

·         Surfing in Portugal

Portugal is an excellent location to visit if you enjoy the sport of surfing.

Surfers go to the beaches in the southern part of the country because the waves there accommodate surfers of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned veterans.

The months of September through April in Portugal are ideal for surfing because the waves are at their most consistent.

5.    Experience festivals & events

Experience festivals & events
Experience festivals & events

Because Portugal is a nation that enjoys parties and having a good time, the country hosts a large number of festivals and other events throughout the year.

These festivals and events are among the most beautiful things to do in Portugal.

·         The Carnaval

The Carnaval is Portugal’s most well-known and well-loved event, and it is held every year in February in a wide variety of cities and towns throughout the nation.

Carnaval is a time for parades, costumes, and music, and it is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to the culture of Portugal.

·         The Festa de Sao Joao

Another well-attended festival is the Festa de Sao Joao, which takes place in June in Porto.

The festival is a celebration of Saint John the Baptist, and it is commemorated with a massive street party with music, food, and fireworks. The party takes place on the day of the festival.

·         The NOS Alive festival

If you are interested in music, you should attend the NOS Alive festival, which takes place in Lisbon in July.

The festival is a fantastic opportunity to explore Portuguese music culture, as it draws many acts worldwide.

Final thoughts 

Portugal is a country that has plenty to offer everyone, from its rich history and culture to fabulous natural parks and beaches and everything in between.

In Portugal, there is something for everyone, whether your interests lie in gastronomy, the great outdoors, or the nightlife.

So make it a point to go to some of the historic cities, indulge in some of the regional delicacies, go out into the stunning nature reserves, and participate in some of the cultural celebrations and events that help to make Portugal such a vibrant and fascinating travel destination.

What are some other fun things to do in Portugal? Please share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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