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17 Best Restaurants in Porto

Recently, tourists have been flocking to Porto, also known as Oporto, a picturesque coastal city in northern Portugal.

Porto offers a distinctive experience that combines traditional and contemporary thanks to its spectacular architecture, extensive history, and thriving cultural environment.

This article will examine the top restaurants in Porto, showing the finest this city offers in terms of cuisine.

You will certainly discover something to tickle your taste buds in Porto, whether you are a foodie looking for cutting-edge cuisine or a tourist wanting a taste of classic Portuguese cuisine.

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+ 17 top restaurants in Porto

Porto has transcended its status as a city of secondary importance, previously associated solely with the production of fortified wine and the presence of aesthetically pleasing bridges.

The city in Northern Portugal has attained prominence independent of Lisbon, boasting a culinary landscape comparable in quality to that of the larger city situated to the south.

Please continue reading to explore our preferred best restaurants in Porto, enabling you to savor the city’s most exceptional cuisine while on your trip.

1.    Casa de Pasto da Palmeira

Casa de Pasto da Palmeira
Casa de Pasto da Palmeira

Casa de Pasto da Palmeira is a typical Portuguese restaurant serving some of the best seafood in Porto. It is situated in the Foz neighborhood.

Fresh fish, shellfish, and other seafood dishes are available on the menu, all cooked with a contemporary touch.

There is outside seating available for those who want to take in the stunning views of the Douro River, and the restaurant has a cozy and laid-back ambiance.

2.    Antiqvvm 

Antiqvvm restaurant in Porto
Antiqvvm restaurant in Porto

Known for its sophisticated French cuisine with a Portuguese influence, Antiqvvm is a Michelin-starred and best restaurant in a 19th-century mansion overlooking the Douro River.

The restaurant’s décor is tasteful and sophisticated, with beautiful city and river views.

The foie gras terrine with Port wine jelly and the roasted duck breast with figs and almonds are two outstanding items on the regularly changing menu.

3.    Caffeine

Caffeine restaurant in Porto
Caffeine restaurant in Porto

In the Boavista district of Porto, there is the best restaurant in Porto called Caffeine, which serves food with a Mediterranean influence.

The menu offers a variety of dishes produced with top-quality, regionally grown ingredients, such as fresh pasta, grilled meats, and seafood.

The restaurant is ideal for a night out with friends because it also provides a fantastic selection of Portuguese wines and cocktails.

4.    Cantinho do Avillez 

Cantinho do Avillez restaurant in Porto
Cantinho do Avillez restaurant in Porto

Owned by well-known chef Jose Avillez, Cantinho do Avillez is a relaxed yet chic eatery specializing in modern Portuguese cuisine.

This top restaurant in Porto menu has a selection of sharing plates and small plates, including items like beef cheeks with sweet potato mash and octopus salad with sweet potato and coriander.

The diner also has a wide variety of craft beers and Portuguese wines and is one of the best restaurants in Porto, worth visiting at least once.

5.    Ode Porto Wine House

Ode Porto Wine House
Ode Porto Wine House

Ode Porto Wine House is a cozy Portuguese restaurant in Porto’s old district that serves traditional Portuguese cuisine and the region’s top wines.

This restaurant offers veal steak with Port wine sauce and grilled octopus with sweet potato puree.

The restaurant features a fantastic collection of Port wines and also does wine tastings.

6.    LSD

LSD restaurant in Porto
LSD restaurant in Porto

In the Cedofeita district of Porto, LSD (Love, Sex, and Death) is a quirky eatery that offers unique cuisine.

This special restaurant in Porto has a constantly changing menu, but some standout dishes are lamb chops with cauliflower puree and smoked duck with pomegranate.

The restaurant is terrific for a night out with friends because it boasts a fantastic beverage selection.

7.    A Sandeira

A Sandeira restaurant in Porto
A Sandeira restaurant in Porto

Some of the city’s tastiest sandwiches may be at the well-known Porto sandwich store A Sandeira.

This Porto’s best restaurant’s signature dish is the Francesinha, a meaty sandwich topped with cheese and a hot tomato sauce.

Other sandwiches and sides, including vegetarian and gluten-free options, are available at the shop.

8.    A Grade

A Grade Restaurants in Porto
A Grade Restaurants in Porto

The Porto’s best and tiny restaurant, A Grade in Porto’s Cedofeita district, serves modern Portuguese food.

The menu offers a variety of meals produced with fresh, regional ingredients, such as slow-cooked lamb, grilled octopus, and handcrafted sweets.

The restaurant also provides numerous craft beers and Portuguese wines.

9.    Cafe Majestic

Cafe Majestic in Porto
Cafe Majestic in Porto

Since it opened its doors to patrons in 1921, Cafe Majestic has become a landmark in Porto’s historic center.

The inside of the cafe is breathtaking, including lovely Art Nouveau furnishings and a large staircase leading to the second story.

A variety of traditional Portuguese foods, including the renowned Francesinha sandwich and traditional sweets like the Pastel de Nata, are offered on the menu.

Cafe Majestic is ideal for enjoying a coffee or a light meal while admiring the stunning surroundings.

10. Vinum

Vinum restaurant in Porto
Vinum restaurant in Porto

Vinum is a wonderful Portuguese restaurant that showcases the finest Portuguese food and drink, and it is situated in the old wine cellars of Graham’s Port Lodge.

The menu offers dishes produced with items that may be found nearby, such as shellfish, grilled meats, and classic stews.

For those who enjoy wine, the restaurant also provides a variety of wine tastings and tours of the wine cellars.

11. DOP

DOP restaurant in Porto
DOP restaurant in Porto

Award-winning chef Rui Paula has given classic Portuguese recipes a modern twist.

Rui Paula has successfully established his DOC restaurant in the Douro and has now expanded to his hometown of Porto.

The DOP restaurant is located inside the Palace of Arts (Palacio das Artes) walls and is known for serving delectable fare, including roasted goat leg, black pig, octopus, and bacalhau.

Vegetarian alternatives are also well-represented on the menu.

Ports and champagne are available in the extensive wine selection, which is available by the glass or bottle. Take a look at the affordable lunch menu!

All features mentioned show that DOP is the best restaurant in Porto.

12. O Escondidinho

O Escondidinho
O Escondidinho

O Escondidinho has enticed guests with its French-inspired cuisine since it opened in 1934 at the first major Portuguese Colonial Exhibition in the Palácio de Cristal.

In addition, regional specialties like Roasted Kid and Tripas à Modo Do Porto are offered.

This best restaurant in Porto restaurant’s long history has served many notable patrons, including King Carlos of Spain. Despite this, the employees are friendly and welcoming, and the environment is still cozy.

13. MUU Steakhouse

MUU Steakhouse
MUU Steakhouse

The dining experience of this grade is unrivaled and a must for steak lovers. So MUU is the best restaurant in Porto.

Along with the delicious meals, the staff’s extraordinary friendliness will make your evening memorable.

Look for their handmade Scotch eggs and cheese gratins among the starters. MUU provides a variety of meat cuts, including the delectable Black Angus steak.

The portions are enormous, which helps offset the expensive costs to some extent.

14. Portucale

Portucale restaurant in Porto
Portucale restaurant in Porto

Portucale offers five-star service, top-notch cuisine, and breathtaking panoramic vistas, making it one of Porto’s best restaurants.

In Bonfim, Portucale, perched atop a tower block, has been offering the same menu items since 1969.

Although there is a hint of French cuisine on the menu, local dishes like trips and bacalhau à mariners take center stage. You are lured to dessert by a squeaking trolley.

15. Costume Bistro

Costume Bistro
Costume Bistro

Costume Bistro, a cozy, laid-back, and the best restaurant in Porto with a central location in Porto, is renowned for giving local cuisine a distinctively international twist.

Warm lighting illuminates the furnishings, fostering a romantic ambiance. The menu is diverse and ought to satisfy everyone.

The cuisine is always of high caliber and reasonable cost, and the friendly staff speaks several languages well.


GINJAL restaurant in Porto
GINJAL restaurant in Porto

Near the Trindade metro station is an Italian-Portuguese fusion restaurant. Unassuming but neat and tidy, a decent assortment of pasta meals and meats.

There are ample amounts, so bring a hearty appetite. There is seating on two floors, and the helpful staff is always glad to help.

17. Fish Fixe

Fish Fixe
Fish Fixe

The Fish Fixe (Cool Fish) restaurant is housed in two comfortable rooms, which makes it the top restaurant in Porto.

The second level boasts the most excellent views, complete with balconies and windows facing the river, bridge, and prospects of the Cais de Gaia on the other bank.

As the name implies, this seafood restaurant serves straightforward cuisine made with the freshest ingredients at affordable costs.

Porto is a must-visit location for those who enjoy food because it offers a varied and rich gastronomic experience that will make an impression.

Pack your luggage and prepare for a culinary adventure to one of Europe’s most intriguing food regions.

The last word

Porto is a culinary lover’s dream, offering various dining options for all preferences and price ranges.

This city needs better food, from classic Portuguese specialties to modern fusion cuisines. Porto’s wine culture also lends a special touch to the dining experience.

Many restaurants provide a wide range of regional wines, including the well-known Port wine.

Although Porto has many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, we have only listed the best 17 restaurants in Porto.

Finding beautiful pubs, hip cafes, and street food sellers selling delectable fare can be done by exploring Porto’s winding streets and alleyways.

What other restaurants do you suggest in Porto if you have experience?

Don’t hesitate to share your comments and thoughts.

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