Are the Azores Worth Visiting Are the Azores Worth Visiting

Are the Azores Worth Visiting? (+8 best reasons)

What is the first thing that jumps into your head once you hear about Portugal? Soccer? Spanish language? Warm people? But that is not all!

Portugal is much beyond what you imagine; it is located by the ocean and has a perfect Mediterranean climate, causing many beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions.

What do you think about islands with golden sands and a great view of the water right before you?

The Azores are mostly mentioned as one the most beautiful places in the country, but are the Azores worth visiting for real?

Are the Azores Worth Visiting?

The Azores has always been the land of new things, kind people, tasty dishes, and scorching son lights, which make it irresistible for many people.

Setting fire to a bay at night and looking at the stars tempt anyone to go to a beach and stay there for a couple of days.

Here in this essay, we will have a little tour of some beautiful qualities in the Azores in Portugal to find out whether or not the Azores are worth visiting.

Pack up, wear sunglasses, and have your sunscreen robbed, to the Azores!

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·        The island hopping

Azores Worth Visiting -The island hopping
Azores Worth Visiting -The island hopping

The first item on the list of Are the Azores worth visiting is the ability to Hop from islands and sea surfing, which is one of the best qualities of any island, including the Azores.

During hopping, many Portuguese natural landscapes make this trip more memorable than ever for any visitor who bothers to come over and try.

There is no need to be worried about transportation; public ships serve visitors and ensure they save time and money to arrive at their destinations.

The eastern islands are ideal places for anyone in a rush; experiencing the Corvo and Flores would probably be a part of your life you remember under any circumstances.

·        The hiking

 The hiking
The hiking

When it comes to exploring an island and visiting its different parts, hiking can be the number one priority of many people; good news, the Azores got it perfectly covered.

Are the Azores worth visiting? Well, if you are up to long hiking on challenging paths, throughout the mountains, and rugged roads, why not?

Azores are a collection of 9 islands filled with mountains and valleys, but did you know that the region’s tallest mountain in Portugal, Pico, is in this region?

That is not all; if visitors still want to add more challenges, The Corvo is where they need to go. Where is almost empty of local people but very popular among adventurers and professional climbers.

·        The beaches

The beaches
The beaches

The Azores islands are home to various exciting beaches, welcoming any local or visitor at any time of the year.

Sao Miguel owns some of the beaches among the Azores islands, including the Santa Barbara and the Agua de Alto. Both are great for surfers; visitors want incredible landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere.

Even though Sao Miguel has several great beaches, when it comes to bests, Santa Maria is here to show off and show you the Azores are worth visiting when it comes to beaches.

St. Lawrence Beach is a sample where the sand is warmer and softer, showing you that you have come to the right place to spend your summer vacation.

·        The foods

Azores Worth Visiting -The foods
Azores Worth Visiting -The foods

Food has always been the factor that miraculously makes better any trip to the Azores and even to the whole of Portugal.

The Azores is located just next to the Atlantic Ocean. Local people are creative enough to invent delicious dishes to serve visitors and make them remember the taste of fish.

The main foods here are fish, barbecue coals, black sausage, and finally, the famous Azorean pineapples, which are a little tinier in size, but much sweeter and more delicious than typical pineapples.

Remember wine; viticulture does not come from the old days here in the Azores, but there is always a start for everything, right?

To sum up, are the Azores worth visiting merely because of the local dishes? Undoubtedly yes.

·        The town & cities

 The Azores town & cities
The Azores town & cities

That might be interesting, but the Azores are not only about mountains, rivers, beaches, and green forests! Here you can find many busy cities following their cultures and beliefs.

Now, are the Azores worth visiting? Even if you are instead staying in cities than in natural places on islands next to the Atlantic Ocean, you have got it covered.

Ponta Delgada, considered the most significant urban center, with only 70000 residents, has played a significant role in many of Portugal’s sea battles throughout history!

It is now the heart of the economy here in the Azores, and with its 500 years of history, it has many fantastic museums for interested visitors and locals.

There are also several smaller cities located on other islands worth visiting. Horta, for example, in the Faial, has bars, castles, and many churches, mostly going back to history.

·        Easy accessibility

Easy accessibility
Easy accessibility

If you are too worried, are the Azores worth visiting? You should know it is not as far as it sounds, and trying it will not cost much time or money.

Only 870 miles away from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, which increases low-cost flights to the Azores, will help any visitor easily reach this region.

Ryanair, the biggest budget-friendly airline, has several direct paths from Frankfort in Germany and Lisbon and Porto in Portugal, which decreased the price remarkably!

Besides that, many flights come from North America to the Azores through SATA from Toronto and New England to the PDL airport.

·        The remoteness from the rest of Europe

Azores The remoteness from the rest of Europe
Azores The remoteness from the rest of Europe

This might be considered a disadvantage to the eye of the many passengers that the Azores are far away from many spots of Europe or even the world, but is it a disadvantage?

The fact that you need to come 800 miles or even more to arrive in this area can make this question more important than ever, Are the Azores worth visiting?

To see the bright side, it helps you stay away from modernism for at least a couple of days; you will not see anything that takes away the natural spirit of the area, which cannot be seen in many other places.

Just get on a bus, and before you even realize it, you will find yourself in the middle of paradise, where you have left your land to go to.

·        The ocean

The ocean
The ocean

Staying in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, away from any continent and on a piece of islands means the ocean affects culture, people, food, and so on.

Are the Azores worth visiting?

If you have yet to see the ocean, you might not care, but it is a big reason for many visitors to come over and stay here for quite a long time.

Surfers, captains, kayakers, or adventurers, Azores are ready to invite all groups to a more significant challenge, something none of them has ever faced.

Annually, most tourists looking to jump into the water include one of the above groups!

Let’s review 

It feels fantastic to lie on a beach while holding a glass of orange juice, right? Having a short trip to the Azores can make this dream come true!

To finally answer the question “Are the Azores worth visiting?” we can say yes, a big and confident one, Azores ladies and gentlemen, worth visiting.

How many times have you been out of your country? Do you like spending time on the islands?

Have you ever been to Portugal? What about the Azores islands? You can share your experiences and feelings throughout your trip; we await your reply.

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