Safe Airlines in Poland Safe Airlines in Poland

Safe Airlines in Poland

As a traveller, one of the most important things before heading to your holiday destination is to reserve a flight. But not any flight.

You need to book a flight which is safe, and comfortable so you have a sense of trust while you are moving from one destination to the other one.

So based on that, in this article, we want to specifically talk about the safest airlines and the importance of airline safety in Poland.

There are some factors to consider when choosing a safe airline not only in Poland, but in other countries too.

At first, we examine these safety factors and then we will go through the top 5 safe airlines in Poland.

Let’s stay safe together.

Overview of Polish Aviation Safety

Every day, around 2,500 civilian airliners carrying half a million people fly across Polish airspace. The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency employs 500 air traffic controllers to maintain its flight safety.

Poland’s airspace is witnessing around a 10% yearly increase in passengers due to increased European aviation traffic.

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To deal with this expansion, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is investing millions of euros in upgrading and updating infrastructure at different locations.

Top 5 Safest Airline in Poland

In this section, you will find a list of the top safest airlines in the beautiful country of Poland. We have provided some basic details of them so you can know them better and have a general idea of which you want to book a flight.

Let’s see what are the 5 safest airline in Poland:

1.    LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines
LOT Polish Airlines

In the ranking of global flights in 2022, this airline was listed as the safest and most reliable airline in Europe. This airline is the only scheduled flight in Poland.

This airline is so modern, and it connects central and eastern Europe to the rest of the places in the world.

If you ask: Which airlines have the best safety records in Poland? The most probable answer that you will hear is LOT Polish Airline.

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland

website :

2.    Enter Air

Enter Air - Safe Airlines in Poland
Enter Air – Safe Airlines in Poland

This charter airline works with the majority of travel operators in Poland and primarily serves renowned vacation destinations from this country.

The affordable approach that the managers continued made it expand and become more popular from 2010 to 2012 despite a rise in the cost of fuel. You can count on this company as one of the safest airlines to fly within Poland.

The expansion was a number of more than 300%, which is unbelievable. Some airlines during that time forced other airlines to downsize their fleets or possibly exit the market.

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland


3.   LOT Charters Airlines

LOT Charters Airlines
LOT Charters Airlines

The other safe and reliable airline that began its service in June 2009 is LOT Charters Airlines.

The airline anticipated 400,000 each year travelers on its short and long-haul flights, allowing it to achieve a 25% market share and establish a leading position among charter carriers operating in Poland. Charter agreements have been negotiated with companies.

4.    Buzz (Ryanair Sun)

Buzz (Ryanair Sun)
Buzz (Ryanair Sun)

Buzz is a Polish airline that operates charter flights to popular vacation spots as well as regular flights as part of the Ryanair Group. This company is one of the safest airline companies in Poland.

Buzz, which was founded in 2017 and initially presented itself as a charter airline with no regular services, now runs daily flights on behalf of Ryanair as well as charter flights out of Poland.

Ryanair stated in March 2019 that Ryanair Sun would be renamed as Buzz in the fall of 2019. Buzz began running in January of 2020.

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland

website :

5.    SkyTaxi

SkyTaxi - Safe Airlines in Poland
SkyTaxi – Safe Airlines in Poland

SkyTaxi provides cargo charter flights all over the world. It also ran scheduled local passenger flights throughout France under the brand IGavion.

SkyTaxi, one of the top-rated airlines in Poland, is now assisting DHL (an American logistics company that does package delivery and express mail services) with operations between Europe and the Middle East.

website :

What are the factors to consider when choosing a safe airlines in Poland?

Airline safety record is one of the top ten things that is everyone’s concern, and they are looking forward to it.

There are so many reasons that travellers choose one airline over others, but in this section, you can find the most important ones:

  1. The chosen airline reports
  2. Flying Reliability and On-time performance
  3. The price of the ticket
  4. Allowance for luggage
  5. Well-tainted cabin crew
  6. Access to the lounge
  7. Cabin staff courtesy
  8. Entertainment during the flight
  9. The aircraft fleet’s age
  10. Miles and upgrading possibilities

Do you think the Polish airlines have these safety features? If yes, which feature is most prominent in Poland’s airlines?

Factors Affecting Airline Safety in Poland

Some conditions make an airline a good example of being safe and reliable. The more a company pays attention to these 4 essential factors, the more it will get known as the best airline in safety and reliance.

4 factors that affect airline safety are:

  1. Regulatory Oversight and Enforcement
  2. Well-trained and expert pilot
  3. Aircraft Maintenance and Upkeep
  4. Airport Safety Infrastructure

You can see these factors in upper mentioned airlines in Poland. We want to mention the best tips for choosing a safe airline in Poland.

You only need to look for this info and choose the best airline and travel in safety:

ü  Do some research on your chosen airline safety records

ü  While choosing an airline, consider its size and reputation

ü  Make sure of their airplane’s age and upkeep records

ü  You can read other passengers’ reviews and feedback that have booked a flight from this company.

These can help you to select the safest airline companies in Poland and have a pleasant travel with your beloved ones.

Tips for enhancing safety during your trip

There are some facts that you can consider while travelling, and the most important one is to avoid travelling at night. You can also ask about safe places with your hotel management.

The other unlikely thing that happens to the passengers is losing their vital documents; you have to keep a copy of the passport and other critical papers in a secure spot.

Keep your trip plan to yourself and stick to it to avoid any issues that might happen afterwards.

These tips help you to experience a safe and pleasant journey.

To wrap it up

Prioritizing your safety is vital on any air travel, and choosing the right airline is crucial to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

So based on this, we try to mention some of the safe airlines in Poland for Polish people so they can choose among them more easily.

We also mentioned some tips that you have to learn to make decisions that minimize potential risks and maximize your safety during air travel with airlines in Poland.

Some people think that safety is just a responsibility of airlines but it is not. It is a shared concern between passengers and the crew members.

So, working together can keep us safe and make air travel a safe and enjoyable experience.

Of the mentioned companies, which one is the most reliable airline in Poland?

Please share your experience with us if you had any flights with them.

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