cheapest cities in Norway cheapest cities in Norway

cheapest cities in Norway

The beautiful scenery and good quality of life in Norway are typically thought to come with a somewhat higher price tag.

There are, however, smaller cities within this Nordic country that provide a more reasonably priced way of life than the bigger ones.

Discovering the answer to the question, “What are the cheapest cities in Norway?” reveals potential destinations with more affordable living costs, allowing locals and tourists to enjoy the country without breaking the bank.

As part of our investigation, we will visit a few of these cities, learning more about what makes them affordable cities in Norway and how they fit into the rich mosaic of Norway’s urban environment.

Top 10 cheapest cities in Norway

The cost of living in Norway is notoriously high, and city life in the nation may be prohibitively costly when compared to other countries.

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Housing, transportation, and everyday expenditures are just a few of the many components that make up the cost of living.

Among the many cities, some are known for having lower housing costs in Norway than others:

1.    Evenstad

Evenstad - cheapest cities in Norway
Evenstad – cheapest cities in Norway

In the middle of Norway’s stunning landscapes, the town of Evenstad shines as an example of how economic cities in Norway can be.

Evenstad offers its inhabitants a financially responsible way of life, thanks to its famously cheap cost of living.

Affordable housing choices in this picturesque city make it a great choice for individuals looking for a pleasant location to live on a budget.

Evenstad is a hidden treasure for those who want to experience Norway without spending a fortune, thanks to its peaceful surroundings and friendly people.

2.    Kristiansand

cheapest city in Norway - Kristiansand
cheapest city in Norway – Kristiansand

Although it is not often said that Kristiansand is the most inexpensive city in Norway, compared to other cities in the nation, it does provide a considerably lower cost of living.

This seaside town offers a low-cost way of living in addition to a thriving cultural scene and beautiful scenery.

Although living prices in Norway tend to be on the higher side, Kristiansand offers a more affordable alternative, especially when it comes to housing and everyday costs.

Anyone looking for a middle ground between expensive housing and a high quality of life in Norway would do well to choose this city, thanks to its cultural offerings, plenty of outdoor activities, and affordable cost of living.

3.    Skien

cheapest city in Norway - Skien
cheapest city in Norway – Skien

One of Norway’s more reasonably priced towns is Skien, which is located in the Telemark area. Skien is a popular destination for retirees due to its affordable housing, beautiful scenery, and rich history.

Those looking for a more affordable lifestyle can find the city’s housing alternatives appealing since they are significantly more affordable compared to major metropolitan regions in Norway.

Skien strikes a good mix between low prices and the great quality of life for which Norway is famous, thanks to its picturesque setting and proximity to outdoor activities.

Skien is a terrific option for those who want to see Norway but don’t want to spend a fortune doing so.

4.    Gjøvik

cheapest city in Norway - Gjøvik
cheapest city in Norway – Gjøvik

Gjøvik, situated on the banks of Lake Mjøsa, is well-known for providing a more budget-friendly way of life in Norway. With its scenic surroundings, this quaint city offers a reduced cost of living compared to bigger metropolitan hubs.

Those looking for a budget-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing the charm of Norwegian living may find Gjøvik appealing due to its affordable housing alternatives and more reasonable daily expenses.

For those seeking to experience Norway’s beauty without the hefty price tag of some of the country’s more urbanized regions, the city’s inviting ambiance and closeness to nature make it an appealing location.

As a result, Gjøvik is an attractive and affordable option for Norwegians looking for a well-rounded lifestyle.

5.    Tromsø

cheapest cities in Norway - Tromso
cheapest cities in Norway – Tromso

Due to its distant location and unique obstacles, Tromsø, a city in Norway located in the Arctic Circle, is not usually thought of as the cheapest city in Norway.

Despite the city’s stellar reputation for the northern lights and its thriving arts community, its citizens do enjoy a few financial benefits.

Tromsø stands out due to its easily accessible services and facilities, even if Norway’s average cost of living is still quite expensive. Even if housing prices are still high, the city offers a unique and valuable alternative for those looking for a more affordable option in northern Norway. With its attractiveness and the chance to experience the Arctic lifestyle, it’s hard to beat.

6.    Ålesund

cheapest cities in Norway - Alesund
cheapest cities in Norway – Alesund

Perceived by many as a reasonably priced city in this Scandinavian country, Ålesund is situated on the west coast of Norway.

Not only is Ålesund a popular tourist destination, but its art nouveau buildings and picturesque coastline also offer people a lower cost of living than in other cities.

Many people who are looking for a place to live that doesn’t break the bank love this city because of its more affordable housing alternatives.

If you want to experience Norway without the high cost of living in some of the country’s larger cities, Ålesund is a great option because of its stunning scenery and friendly locals.

Affordable housing and the distinctive Norwegian way of life coexist well in Ålesund.

7.    Porsgrunn

cheapest cities in Norway - Porsgrunn
cheapest cities in Norway – Porsgrunn

One affordable alternative in Norway is Porsgrunn, which is located in the Telemark area. In comparison to other cities, the cost of living in Porsgrunn is cheaper, and the town is well-known for its picturesque surroundings and rich industrial past.

The city’s inexpensive housing choices make it a great pick for anyone looking to live on a budget without sacrificing quality of life.

Porsgrunn provides a rare combination of low prices and the traditional Norwegian way of life with its friendly community vibe and closeness to nature.

Porsgrunn stands out as an enticing and inexpensive option for those who want to see Norway without the high costs often associated with bigger towns.

Remember that everyone’s situation and way of life affects their cost of living. To determine what’s affordable, it’s best to look into certain cities and think about what’s important to you.


Finally, smaller Norwegian towns do provide a more budget-friendly way of life than their bigger metropolitan equivalents, despite Norway’s stellar reputation for natural beauty and great quality of life.

These cities provide possibilities for a more financially responsible lifestyle, whether they are located in the Telemark area, on the West Coast, or even farther north, like Ålesund, Porsgrunn, or Skien.

Despite the high cost of living in Norway as a whole, these cities offer something special: easy access to all the facilities you could want, reasonably priced property, and the distinct Nordic charm that only Norway can provide.

These cities are worth considering amid Norway’s varied environment for those who want to experience the local culture but are on a tighter budget.

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