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+ 10 of The Coldest Places in England: Winter Cities in uk

England is one of the top tourist-targeted countries in the whole world. London, Manchester, or Liverpool, it does not matter; this country is all attractive.

Many visitors rather spend their summer vacation in that country, and here is where the coldest places in England matter!

Going out for a walk, picnic, or visiting a castle is available in all parts of England, but in summer, you need more than that.

How much do you know about England? Which places are colder there for a fantastic summer camp?

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and visit England’s coldest places. Experience the serene beauty of frozen landscapes that will take your breath away. In this essay, we will learn the top 10 coldest places in England.

+ 10  Coldest Places in England

Despite the pleasant climate of England, there are always some places colder than the rest, which is great for people looking for a suitable place for skiing and other winter hobbies.

In this case, knowing which one of the cities is colder in all seasons of the year is something worth thinking about.

Besides that, some people prefer to choose warmer places to stay safe and not get cold; you also need to know about that to avoid and make sure not to go there!

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In this essay, we will learn the top 10 coldest places in England, so keep your eyes open and follow me carefully!

1.    Newport, Shropshire

Coldest Places in England Newport
Coldest Places in England Newport

The first item of the coldest cities in England is Newport in Shropshire. In this city, you can see long winters, almost with cloudy sky and a very low temperature.

That might be something common for the local people here, but over the year, the temperature varies between 3 to 20 Celsius, and you can barely see it goes any lower than -2 or upper than 25 Celsius.

That makes this city an ideal place to spend summers in, from July till September; here host many visitors.

This low temperature, long winter, and cloudy sky can fit Newport on England’s list of coldest places.

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2.    Leeds

coldest place in the uk -Leeds
coldest place in the uk -Leeds

Leeds might not be referred to as a cold city most of the time because it is famous for its rainy weather, humidity, and cloudy sky.

But relying on the statistics here has stood the -5 even! Once in December of 2010, you could see it dropped to -16 Celsius, which is very good!

In summer you can still see the rainy weather, but less often than in winter, which means Leeds is one of the coldest places in England.

You need to know that, unlike other cold places in summer, in Leeds, sometimes it gets pretty hot indeed, 2022 people stand the 37 Celsius once!

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3.    Bradford

Bradford Coldest Places in England
Bradford Coldest Places in England

You can see the windy, cold, and long winters in Bradford. People here get used to seeing snow everywhere in the winter.

That might be hard for visitors to come over in the cold months of the year; anyways, some of them are counting the days to see Bradford in December or January.

The average winter temperature is between -3 and 19 Celsius, considered one of the coldest places in England.

In summer, visitors can experience cool and smooth weather, enjoy the frequent rain, and go to picnics.

4.    The Pennines

The Pennines - Coldest Cities of England
The Pennines – Coldest Cities of England

Many people do not fear calling the Pennines the coldest place in England! At first sight, the breathtaking landscape and vast green nature will convince visitors to go there for some time.

The average temperature is normally low on all days of the year, but to give you a better picture of its coldness, it is about 12.4 Celsius in summer and 2 to -3 Celsius in the winter.

At night temperature drops weirdly, often along with snowy weather, which makes a magical, peaceful vision out there.

5.    Berwick-Upon-Tweed

coldest place in the uk-Berwick Upon Tweed
coldest place in the uk-Berwick Upon Tweed

This small and historical town of England, located in the northern part of it, has one of the most horrifying winters among all European cities.

It is placed only 2 miles away from Scotland, and that makes it closer to Edinburgh than Newcastle in England.

The temperature of the warmest days here barely reaches 18 Celsius, but in winter, everything is different.

Most February and December days in Berwick are standing at 4 to -3 Celsius, making you feel pain in your bones!

That is why it is in every list of England’s top 10 coldest places, the long, cold, and windy winters.

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6.    York

York - Coldest Cities of England
York – Coldest Cities of England

York is mostly mentioned as an example of a city with beautiful and historical architecture, including castles, buildings, and York Minister.

But one more thing makes it bold here: the remarkably low temperature on cold days of the year.

From November to February, everything seems fine, including the weather, but once you see York on the cold days, you would agree with putting it on the list of coldest places in England.

Temperature is frequently subzero, and most places are covered in snow due to their geographical location!

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7.    The Lake District

The Lake District
The Lake District

The Lake District is more of a tourist destination than a place to be avoided by them; anyways, once the winter arrives, the lakes and rivers will be frozen for quite a time.

There might still be some local people left from the winter in 1940 when this place experienced -21 Celsius, and no living thing could put up with that outside!

At present, most of the days of winter are 1 Celsius which is cold enough to be compared to many parts of England and even the world.

Undoubtedly, the Lake District is one of the coldest places in England, any day of the year.

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8.    Durham

Durham Coldest Places in England
Durham Coldest Places in England

Like York, Durham is also a historic city filled with beautiful old architecture and castles, but that is not their only similarity.

Even though Durham cannot see that rain (even less than the standard rate of the world), in winter, it shines like a piece of frozen crystal.

For now, the average temperature of Durham is about 5.4 Celsius, which means here it is one of the coldest places in England, but once in 1895, it got –18.3 Celsius, unbelievable, right?

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9.    Woodford

Woodford - Coldest Cities of England
Woodford – Coldest Cities of England

Most of the time, people consider London cold, and they are right indeed. Once you see Woodford in January, the temperature is between 0 to Celsius.

In July, the warmest month here, the average temperature will not exceed 15 Celsius, still lower than winter in many countries worldwide.

These facts have put Woodford on the list of coldest places in England.

Despite its beautiful atmosphere and diversity of ethnic, when it comes to weather, Woodford will not share variety! Most of the time cold.

10. Manchester

Manchester Coldest Places in England
Manchester Coldest Places in England

Many people know Manchester through its great football clubs, but what about its weather? Even though Manchester is a big and populated city, some people enjoy staying in Manchester all seasons of the year.

Snow, rain, and storm are common in this part of England, which proves Manchester can be considered one of the coldest places in England!

It is a fact that global warming has affected the world’s average temperature, and Manchester is not excluded. Still, everyone can taste classic cold weather in winter, just like in the 70s.

Haven’t you seen snow yet? Come over to Manchester!

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11.   Northumberland

Northumberland - Coldest Cities of England
Northumberland – Coldest Cities of England

Bordering Scotland, this northernmost county in England experiences cold winters due to its proximity and hilly terrain. Places like frosts, snowfall and temperatures in Northumberland can drop well below freezing.

The average cold temperature in December, January, and February can be around 3-5°C (37-41°F), with lows dipping below freezing (-1 to -4°C; 30-25°F) regularly.

12.   Exmoor

Exmoor - Coldest Cities of England
Exmoor – Coldest Cities of England

Exmoor National Park is in southwest England, covering portions of Somerset and Devon counties. It’s a beautiful area known for its rolling hills, wild moorland, and dramatic coastline along the Bristol Channel.

This place does experience some periods of colder weather, particularly during winter. These cold spells can bring temperatures below freezing, sometimes leading to frost or snow on the higher ground.

13.   Alston

Alston - Coldest Cities of England
Alston – Coldest Cities of England

Among England’s coldest place, Alston is in the middle of Cumbria. The hilltop location in the North Pennines contributes to the area’s reputation for cold weather, especially in the winter.

Arctic winds amplify Alston’s already frigid temperature, exacerbated by the town’s proximity to rough moorland and hills.

Visitors are captivated by the town’s attractive surroundings, covered in snow throughout the winter. At the same time, inhabitants are used to bundling up against the cold air despite the town’s modest size.

If you’re looking for a little bit of England’s colder side, you should check out Alston, thanks to its frosty embrace.

14.   Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike - Coldest Cities of England
Scafell Pike – Coldest Cities of England

Soaring as the highest point in England amid the breathtaking Lake District National Park, Scafell Pike is also one of the coldest places in England.

Temperatures can drop considerably, especially in the winter, due to its high height of 978 meters (3,209 feet).

Heavy snowfall and ice conditions are commonplace on Scafell Pike because of its exposed peak, battered by the full force of Arctic winds.

Climbing to the top is an exciting but dangerous adventure since adventurers must be ready for severe weather and freezing temperatures.

With its untamed beauty and stunning views of England’s coldest regions, Scafell Pike attracts daring hikers and outdoor lovers all year round, regardless of the weather.

Final Words

England will make one of the most memorable travels in your mind! It has great offers whether you are looking for somewhere cold, green, or historical.

That was it, the top 14 of the coldest places in England! What do you think about that? Which one of them have you ever been to?

Reading magazines, checking websites, or asking informed people is always a good idea.

If you have experience staying in any of these places, do not hesitate to share a comment and let others know about what you have gone through.

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