Best Bars in Lisbon Best Bars in Lisbon

Best Bars in Lisbon That Every Traveler Should Know

Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal, is famous for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine.

One aspect of Lisbon that is often overlooked is its bustling nightlife.

As a capital, Lisbon is filled with various bars, but knowing which one you should go for, is the point.

Whether you are a local looking for a new hangout spot or a tourist looking to experience Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife, this article will provide you with all the information you need to find the best bars in Lisbon for your next night out in the city.

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10 Top & unique bars in Lisbon

Presently, this urban locality values the consumption of high-quality beverages. Lisbon boasts a diverse range of drinking establishments, ranging from rooftop clubs that serve refreshing cocktails during sunset to refined wine bars and sports bars that offer a variety of beers.

The quality of service and offerings at these establishments is noteworthy.

Order a glass of robust Douro red wine and secure a seat at the bar to fully immerse oneself in the positive atmosphere of the lively Portuguese capital.

Herein lies our selection of the finest bars in Lisbon, worthy of celebration.

In the following, you can find the ten best bars in Lisbon coming up with a short complementary description:

1.    Case Independente

Case Independente bar in lisbon
Case Independente bar in lisbon

This bar is located on the largo do Carmo and perfectly suits this area of the city; you can enter it, and sooner than you realize you will find yourself dancing along with local people.

Case Independente is a 24/7 bar, making it even more incredible! Many options make it beyond a typical bar and put it on Lisbon’s list of best bars.

You will frequently find happy concerts, attractive painting walls, and charming art exhibitions in this place, so you can just lay back on your chair, take a deep breath and forget about the outside issues.

Address: Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 45, 1100-285 Lisboa, Portugal

website :

2.    TOPO Martim Moniz

TOPO Martim Moniz bar in lisbon
TOPO Martim Moniz bar in lisbon

The first reason people might get tempted to hit this bar for the first time in its landscape is to see whether or not it is as fantastic as they have heard about.

On the top of the roof, visitors can see Lisbon’s historical and breathtaking areas, like Sao Jorge Castle.

This incredible view of Lisbon comes with the DJ and the music he is playing on the corner, and you are holding a bottle of cocktail.

What makes this bar among Lisbon’s best bars is its lively atmosphere, perfect vision, and great songs; trust me, you want to see that.

Address: 1100-341 Lisbon, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 588 1322


3.    Quiosque Principe Real

Quiosque Principe Real
Quiosque Principe Real

Due to its umbrella-looking, tiny space, this Item on the list is barely called a bar, and local people often refer to it as a kiosk.

In the outside area, there are a set of tables combined with chairs that let the customers enjoy the fresh air. This place seems so pretty

 at night when the lights are on.

These bars always have their fans and consider the top bar in Lisbon, where you can have a unique experience of sitting next to a tiny place and drinking a cup of tea served with different sorts of delicious snacks, great for a short repose.

4.    Trobadores

Trobadores bar in lisbon
Trobadores bar in lisbon

If you are looking for somewhere unique and far from modernism to spend some time, you must visit this one before the other unique bars in Lisbon.

You will find a friendly and peaceful atmosphere in this Item of the best bars in Lisbon; general decorations remind you of the Medieval and King Arthur.

Serving drinks with bugle sounds in the clay cups, unique personnel uniforms, and traditional background music will no longer leave any negative thoughts in your mind.

Sometimes the bar invites traditional bands to sing live, drawing more attention than ever.

Address: Calçada de São Francisco 6A, 1200-005 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 346 2105

5.    Fabrica Musa

Fabrica Musa bar in lisbon
Fabrica Musa bar in lisbon

Now it is time to try different kinds of beers in the best bars in Lisbon. This bar would let you decide what you want to order from a long menu.

It does not matter how peaky you are; regardless of that, you will only leave this place if you have a great drinking experience, specifically when it comes to beer.

You better know that you can satisfy your needs by drinking hand-made beers with coffee flavors.

Hand-made beers only used to be expected for a short time, but here is where you can find different and robust types.

Address: R. do Vale Formoso 9, 1950-277 Lisboa, Portugal

6.    Loucos e Sonhadores

 Loucos e Sonhadores
Loucos e Sonhadores

Unlike your mental image of a typical bar, the “Locos” is not showing up its menu and various drinks list on a colorful electronic board, but what makes it unique to the eye of the local people is a complimentary glass of beer and salty popcorn.

According to the customers, leave this place as fast as possible, right after finishing your drink, because of its funky decoration.

There is another point that makes it the best bar in Lisbon, and that would be its vast area. You can choose your seat in ample space, provided you get there early.

Address: R. da Rosa 261, 1200-385 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 934 776 924

7.    By the Wine

By the Wine best bar in lisbon
By the Wine best bars in lisbon

This is the land of Vinho wine (a particular sort of wine), and you can order white and red wine without worrying about its cost. Just drink as much as you want.

Its decoration is beautiful and in the shape of a tunnel covered by shelves filled with different sorts of snacks and drinks; all you need to do is look at the menu and point at the one you want to taste.

It also has its special little snack named “Tesco,” which you may want to try and eat with a bottle of vinho to enjoy even more, which makes this bar in Lisbon the best one.

Address: Rua das Flores 41 43, 1200-193 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 342 0319


8.    Foxtrot


We highly recommend you try the best bars in Lisbon in the winter because you will use the fireplace in the center of the bar since most of the houses in Lisbon do not have such a facility.

Visiting it in the summer can also be enjoyable; in that case, you can sit in its small backyard and cool up while drinking a glass.

You will find its menu rich in cocktails inspired by Lisbon, classics, and a long list of whiskies, so make sure you are thirsty and then step into the bar.

Address: Tv. Santa Teresa 28, 1200-405 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 395 2697


9.    Red Frog Speakeasy

Red Frog Speakeasy
Red Frog Speakeasy

This is another popular bar in Lisbon, where you can see bartenders dancing while shaking their special drinks to the rhythm of the music.

It’s got a dark space and classic candles almost everywhere mixed with the grey wallpapers, next to the modern space, let you decide which path you want to choose.

This bar is located on the grandest avenue of Lisbon, “Avenida da Liberdade.”

Not only is this one of the best bars in Lisbon and Portugal, but it also got the 50 Best Bars rank in 2022.

The red frog on the wall leads you to ring the related bell to what you want and enjoy your order.

Address: Praça da Alegria 66b, 1250-004 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 583 1120

website :

10. Pavilhao Chines

Pavilhao Chines
Pavilhao Chines

The last Item of the essay about the best bars in Lisbon is Pavilhao Chines. You cannot help your compliments by the time you enter this bar; this one looks more like a museum than a bar in Lisbon.

Everything seems excellent here, including the drinks, decorations, the hanging boards on the wall, and colorful furniture.

There are cabinets filled with old miniature trains and toy soldiers beside a lot of little aircraft on the roof and hanging to the ceiling that makes you look at them for hours and never know how the time runs.

Address: R. Dom Pedro V 89, 1250-093 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 342 4729

Final words about Best Bars in Lisbon

It might be a good idea to spend some time alone or with your company in the bars during dinner or after a long, hard day to freshen up and prepare for tomorrow.

If you never tried to go to a bar or think those are too busy and loud, you probably have yet to find your ideal bar; we encourage you to keep searching; that’s so much worth trying and finding the best bars in Lisbon.

The next time you go anywhere new, keep it in mind for a quick visit to bars; you will not regret that.

Have you ever considered going to Lisbon to try the best bars?

In that case, where would you like to visit the best bars in Lisbon?

Share your ideas and experience if you have them in the comment section.

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