Best Castles in England Best Castles in England

Exploring the Best Castles in England: Medieval Marvels

History has always been one of the most exciting subjects, and the countries with a long history are the bests for visiting and spending time!

Various castles in England will prove that this country goes way back in history, and many kings, queens, and knights lived there.

England is a beautiful, vast, and cultural country located next to the sea, which was one of the main superpowers for many centuries back then.

In this essay, you get to know the best castles in England, with a short complimentary note about each.

Top 10 castles in England

England is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking and historic castles. Each castle tells a unique story, from royal intrigue to military defense.

These stunning structures are a testament to England’s rich history and an essential part of its cultural heritage.

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Now, let’s get familiar with 10 of the best castles in England that can convey the history of this wonderful country:

1.    Windsor

Windsor Castle in England
Windsor Castle in England

This is by far the oldest and largest occupied castle in England and the world, located in Berkshire, about 20 miles west of London.

The castle covers an area of around 13 acres and contains over 1,000 rooms, including state apartments, private apartments, and staff quarters.

The castle’s architecture reflects its long and varied history, with elements ranging from medieval to present.

Windsor has played an important role in the history of England, serving as a fortress, a royal palace, and a center of power.

It had survived numerous sieges and attacks throughout its history, including the Second World War when it served as the headquarters of the British Army’s Southern Command.

2.    Tower of London

Tower of London
Tower of London

The Tower of London, located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London, is one of the best castles in England.

The tower was founded in 1066 by William the Conqueror as a symbol of his power and to defend his new kingdom from attack.

Over the centuries, it has served many purposes, including as a royal palace, a treasury, a prison, a menagerie, and a place of execution.

The tower comprises several buildings, including the White Tower, the central keep, and several towers, walls, and gateways.

The tower has a long and often brutal history, including the imprisonment and execution of Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey.

3.    Warwick

Warwick Castle in England
Warwick Castle in England

The other best castle in England is Warwick Castle, a medieval castle in Warwick in Warwickshire’s English county.

The castle was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068 on a site used for fortifications since Roman times.

Over the centuries, various owners have expanded and renovated the castle, including the Earls of Warwick and later the Greville family.

Today, Warwick Castle is a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors the chance to experience life in a medieval castle.

Warwick features a range of attractions and activities, including the Great Hall, which is decorated with suits of armor and weapons, and the State Rooms, which are furnished with period furniture and artworks.

4.    Leeds

Leeds Castle in England
Leeds Castle in England

The castle dates back to the 12th century and has a rich and varied history, having served as a royal palace, a fortress, and a private residence for various wealthy families.

Considering the mentioned points, it is already one of the best castles in England.

Fortunately, Leeds has been fully restored and furnished with period furniture and artworks, giving visitors a glimpse into the lifestyle of the castle’s former residents.

One of the most famous residents of Leeds Castle was King Henry VIII, who used the castle as a palace for his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

The castle was also used as a prison during the 17th century and later served as a residence for wealthy families such as the Wykeham Martins and the Culpepers.

5.    Dover

Dover Castle in England
Dover Castle in England

The Dover has a rich and varied history, having been used as a royal palace, a military fortress, and a secret wartime underground command center!

The best castles in England castle played a crucial role in the defense of England during the Napoleonic Wars and both World Wars.

The castle’s Great Tower is one of the oldest and most impressive parts and is home to the castle’s exhibition of medieval life, featuring period costumes and furniture.

Visitors can explore the castle’s medieval towers and ramparts, which offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the English Channel.

6.    Bodiam

Bodiam Castle in England
Bodiam Castle in England

Bodiam Castle is a 14th-century castle in East Sussex, England, built in a square shape with a large central courtyard.

This historical and top castle in England was built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a former knight of Edward III, during the Hundred Years’ War with France.

Although Bodiam has never been involved in a military battle, It changed hands several times and was owned by wealthy families until the 17th century.

After that, it fell into disrepair and was used as a source of building materials. In the 19th century, the Reverend Nathaniel Ward purchased the castle and began a restoration project that saved it from further decay!

7.    Alnwick


Alnwick is a medieval and old castle, however, one of the best castles in England.

The castle dates back to the 11th century and has been the home of the Percy family, the Dukes of Northumberland, for over 700 years.

During the Wars of the Roses in the 15th century, the castle was occupied by Lancastrian forces. In contrast, during the English Civil War in the 17th century, it was held by Royalist forces.

Today attractions at Alnwick Castle include the castle’s gardens, which feature a range of different areas, such as the Poison Garden, which is home to a range of toxic plants.

8.    Bamburgh

Bamburgh Castle in England
Bamburgh Castle in England

Bamburgh has gone through many ups and downs over the centuries and was occupied by English and Scottish forces during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century.

Bamburgh, as one the best castles in England, was also the site of a famous battle between the forces of Henry IV and a rebel army led by Henry Percy, known as Hotspur, in 1403.

Today, it does not engage with any conflicts, and visitors can also explore the castle’s ramparts and towers, which have nice views of the surrounding coastline and countryside.

It also has a museum containing many historical tools and information about the castle.

9.    Corfe

Corfe Castle in England
Corfe Castle in England

Unlike the others, this is a ruined medieval castle, yet it is considered one of the best castles in England!

In the English Civil War, when it was held by Royalist forces and besieged by Parliamentarian troops, Corfe was there.

It eventually fell to the Parliamentarians in 1646 and was dismantled and rendered unusable.

The fact that it is no longer in the shape of its first day does not impact visitors since a model of the castle as it would have appeared in the 17th century is right there!


Hever Castle in England
Hever Castle in England

The last item on the list is a historic castle in the village of Hever in Kent, England.

The best castle in England goes back to the 13th century, although it was extensively remodeled in the 16th century.

Hever Castle is most famous for being the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII.

Anne Boleyn spent much of her childhood at Hever Castle, and it was here that she first caught the attention of King Henry VIII.

Today it has gardens containing a large set of flowers like roses and museums of artworks which help visitors picture history way better!

In a nutshell

Thanks to technology and historians, now it is possible to know almost everything about castles and other historical buildings.

Castles were used mainly to protect the king and royal family; besides that, it was the last line of defense in the battles, so their quality and stamina were crucial.

Besides the named castles in England’s list of best castles, many others are still beautiful and usable!

This shows the lords in England were trying to show their power and wealth by building luxuries and great-looking castles.

Which one of these best and top castles did you visit in England?

If you have any experience, please share your ideas in the comment section.

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